There are a total of 32 water type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Many of these water Pokemon are harder to catch due to their location. If you want to catch water type Pokemon but aren’t sure where to look, this guide is for you. Living close to the ocean or a large body of water can help when you need water type Pokemon. For trainers who aren’t as lucky, you can use these tips to catch water type Pokemon.

Water type Pokemon are strong against Fire, Ground and Rock type. If you aren’t clear on how Pokemon type works, check out our guide here. Through proper planning and strategy, you can win more gym battles by choosing the best Pokemon for the job.

If you don’t have water types to deal with your foes, read on to learn how to catch water type Pokemon.

How to catch water type Pokemon

Primary Places to look – Bodies of water can attract water type Pokemon. Some of the more common places to track water types include;

  • Lakes
  • Canals
  • Rivers
  • Docks
  • Beaches
  • Riverbank
  • Reservoir

These areas will net the highest catch rate for water types. If you aren’t having much luck catching water type Pokemon here, you can try the secondary group of locations.

Secondary places to look – Wetlands and marshes are excellent places to catch water type Pokemon. Try visiting areas in your neighborhood or making a trip out to such locations.

Other places that spawn water type Pokemon include parks with lakes in them.

Other ways to catch water type Pokemon 

Evolve them – One of the strongest water types is Vaporeon, which can be evolved from Eevee candy. Not sure how to evolve Vaporeon? check out our guide on evolving Eevee here, and how to choose the evolution you want.

Hatch Eggs – Another way to catch water type Pokemon is to hatch them from eggs. There are several ways to hatch eggs without walking, take a look at some egg hatching tips here.