Niantic Labs broke their silence yesterday, by releasing their first statement regarding the controversial Pokemon Go update. After removing the core tracking elements from gameplay, gamers flooded Apple and Google with refund requests and negative reviews. Niantic responded with this Pokemon Go update statement via their Facebook page.

Niantic explained that removal of the three step tracking system was necessary, stating that it was confusing. Outside of the first few days, the three step bug prevented players from tracking Pokemon properly. Promising to work towards a solution that works for everyone, the developer also took some aim at repairing their image.

“The original feature, although enjoyed by many, was also confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals,”

They went on to say that the ability to track Pokemon would return in a future update. Niantic also explained the reasoning behind shutting down Pokevision and other tracking websites, stating that these services put undue stress on servers.

The developer promised to increase communications, a positive step towards winning back gamers. Niantic hasn’t always had a track record of listening to their userbase, as any Ingress player can attest to. But still, for many Pokemon Go players left in the dark it was refreshing to hear some news from the enigmatic developer.

Their Pokemon Go update statement also confirmed a suspicion that players feared all along. That the popularity and rise of Pokemon Go made their original plans of implementation nearly impossible. Niantic continued by stating that their rollout of additional countries wouldn’t stop at Japan. The next country to receive Pokemon Go is Brazil, and it looks like expansion is a bigger concern for Niantic at this time.

Although Niantic tried to explain the lack of communication by saying they were too busy, it’s not much of an excuse. For a company that is capitalizing on their huge success, a lack of communication is simply not acceptable for their legions of fans.

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