Pinal County Sheriff's Office Photo

In what could easily be the most incomprehensible Pokemon Go related incident so far, an Arizona couple were arrested after abandoning their toddler to play Pokemon Go. There’s been some crazy Pokemon Go news, but the fact that parents abandon toddler to play the augmented reality game simply takes the cake.

Officers from Pinal County found a 2 year old child, barefoot and wearing just a shirt and diapers distraught outside of their San Tan Valley home. Charged with child endangerment and child neglect, Brent Daley, 27 and Brianne Daley, 25 are a clear cut example of when Pokemon Go is taken too far.

Deputies responded to a call from a neighbor, stating that the 2 year old boy was outside and alone. The toddler was found screaming and crying while trying to get back inside the house. When officers called the father to inform him that they had found the child outside, he responded with a curt ‘Whatever’ before hanging up.

Sheriff Paul Babeu had this to say in a released statement to the press.

“Our agency and many other law enforcement agencies have been warning people about personal safety while playing this interactive smartphone game, but we never would have imagined that parents abandon toddler just to play Pokemon Go”

The couple admitted they were away from the residence for up to 90 minutes playing Pokemon Go. The face that these parents abandon toddler to play a game is one of the most disgusting things we’ve heard so far. Leaving their 2 year toddler behind unattended will be a mistake these two parents will be paying for in the immediate and hopefully long term future.

It’s the latest in disturbing Pokemon Go news, and one that we won’t soon forget. What do you think of the parents actions in this case? How do you feel about what they did? Leave us a comment below and let us know, and as always subscribe to Pokemon Go Den for the latest in Pokemon Go news, tips and tricks.