Pokemon Go players are scrambling following the latest Pokemon Go update and third party location websites like Pokevision being shut down. In response to the three step glitch, Niantic chose to remove the footprints from the nearby menu all together. By patching out this tracking mechanism, it’s caused players to seek out refunds in droves. In response to these developments, Poketrail is set for release the first mobile ready Pokemon locator.

This real time Pokemon finder takes Pokewalks to a new level. By giving users a mobile ready, lightweight interface the new site alleviates many of the problems that plague the game currently. Without an in-game nearby tracker or any third-party trackers, many players feel like they’re playing in the dark.


The new Poketrail locator will reveal Pokestop and gym locations as well as the real time position of your favorite Pokemon. Being lightweight and mobile responsive makes the app highly anticipated after being announced in Reddit’s Pokemon Go community.

One of the most popular Pokemon tracking websites, Pokevision recently buckled under the pressure and shut down.

There’s no official launch date for PokeTrail as of yet, but you can bet that Pokemon Go players will be highly interested in the new tracking website. How long will Poketrail be around however? It’s a fair question to ask, especially considering the developer’s response or lack thereof.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has come under fire recently, for the lack of communication and refusal to engage the community. This has left many Pokemon Go players angry, leading them to lash out in social media.

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