We all know the pain of a dead cell phone. Shut off from texting your friends and family, missing out on Pokemon and watching helplessly as trainers around you catch Pokemon are all feelings we are familiar with. This ranking of best cell phone battery pack choices is here to help you deal with the dead battery blues.

Anyone who has played Pokemon Go knows how quickly your cell phone battery can be drained by the augmented reality game. To make things worse, Niantic Labs removed the battery saver option in the latest Pokemon Go update. When your lack of power keeps getting in the way of catching Pokemon, you’ll need the best cell phone battery pack for Pokemon Go.

In rating these best cell phone battery pack choices, we factored cost, weight and charge time. For the sake of comparison, we’ll be taking a look at the best pocket battery packs only. These portable battery packs give you the ability to extend gameplay without breaking the bank.

Many of these battery packs will be compatible with either iPhone or Android devices, making them ideal for your next Pokewalk. You can also use our tips on saving battery while playing Pokemon Go as well.

Ranking the best cell phone battery pack

RAVPower Portable Charger – This sleek portable battery pack is an excellent choice and affordable as well. Weighing in at just over 11 oz, this battery pack is rated at a 6700mAh capacity. It’s good for two charges and more than enough to get you through a long Pokewalk on the cheap.

Check out our first choice in this best cell phone battery pack countdown below. Price – $39.99

EasyAcc Solar Power Bank – Great for Pokemon Go or any outdoor excursion, this power bank is a great choice. Being able to recharge through the solar panels in the battery pack, the EasyAcc charger is a solid performer. Featuring a 8000mAh lithium polymer battery, this is easily one of the best values in this battery pack ranking.

Find out where to buy one of the best cell phone battery pack choices below. Price – $60

ZeroLemon SolarJuice Battery Pack – This rugged portable cell phone charger is an excellent choice for Pokemon Go players. Rated at 20000mA, this solar charger is more than enough to charge your cell phone. With dual USB ports, you can even charge a fellow trainer as well.

Click on the image below to see our next option on best cell phone battery pack choices. Price – $39

Ventev Powercell 6000+ portable battery pack – This 6000mAh rated portable charger gives your cell phone a huge boost. Featuring a 2.1A port this battery pack is great when you are on the move. Fellow trainers will love you for the dual USB design, and this lightweight charger is one of the best cell phone battery pack choices out there.

Best of all? this cell phone battery pack comes with a flip out AC plug, making it a breeze to recharge.

Find out where you can buy this Pokemon Go battery pack by clicking the image below. Price – $51

Cheero External Power Bank – Easily one of the best cell phone battery pack options out there for Pokemon Go players, this unit is lightweight, high output and cheap. With 13400mAh capacity and weighing in at just .5 lbs, the Cheero provides 8 hours of charging time.

The low cost and lightweight features make it a must have for any serious Pokemon Go player. Check it out below by clicking on the link. Price – $26.99

What do you think about our best cell phone battery pack countdown? Do you have a favorite portable charger that you feel we’ve missed out on? Leave us a comment below and let us know, and for more Pokemon Go tips, tricks and guides subscribe to Pokemon Go Den today.