One of the most important topics for Pokemon Go players is the use of bots that allow other players to cheat. Like other third party applications, Pokemon Go bots give players the ability to level up, catch Pokemon and collect items without ever having to actually play the game. While this is one of the best Pokemon Go cheats out there, there’s quite a bit of controversy regarding the use of Pokemon Go bots.

Primarily used to auto play Pokemon Go, the latest update from Niantic Labs has all but shut down the use of these bots currently. However these third party developers are already at work cracking the Pokemon Go API. Want to learn how to cheat Pokemon go and get ahead of the competition? Read on to see what the best Pokemon Go bots are and how to use them.

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What do Pokemon Go bots do?

Using the GPS coordinates of any location you want, bots will automate gameplay. This means they will roam and catch Pokemon through the use of GPS spoofing. Most Pokemon Go bots use the latitude and longitude of any location in the world to play the game for you.

Once you enter this information the bot will get to work. Most of them will catch Pokemon through the use of the Pokemon Go API. Through GPS spoofing, the Pokemon Go bots will simulate walking speeds to collect your items, visit Pokestops and even catch rare Pokemon.

Why use Pokemon Go bots?

It’s a fair question, even to players who want to play the game legitimately. Outside of the obvious reasons, Pokemon Go bots can help deal with the steep curve as you level up. As you level up your character, the amount of experience needed to level up increases exponentially.

For example in order to get to level 20, you’ll need just 25,000 experience. To achieve level 21, you will need 50,000 experience. This curve continues to get steeper, and according to the PokemonGo Reddit community, you need 5 million experience to go from level 39 to 40.

For players who simply don’t want to deal with the grind, or don’t care to play through earlier levels, Pokemon Go bots can be a godsend. Most Pokemon bot programs average between 50,000 experience and 65,000 experience an hour. The more advanced bots can even automate Pokemon evolutions, trade in Pokemon and use pre-defined paths to get the job done.

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Is it safe to use Pokemon Go bots?

Not really. Although it’s technically safe to download many of these bots, it’s a clear violation of Niantic Labs Terms of Use. This means that if you are caught cheating, it could result in a soft ban or even a permanent one.

Further, Pokemon Go updates like the latest one shows the ongoing process for Pokemon Go cheats. As Niantic Labs continues to release fixes and patches, these Pokemon Go bots will have to adjust and crack the code as it were in order to continue to function.

The best Pokemon Go bots claim to be non-detectable, but because all of these third-party applications use the Pokemon Go API it’s only a matter of time before they are detected.

Where can I get Pokemon Go bots?

There are many choices when it comes to the best Pokemon Go bots. You can even download DIY snippets of code to build one yourself if you are so inclined. Two of the best Pokemon bots are called Pokebuddy and MyGoBot. These Pokemon Go bots can run on your PC, and automate the game on your behalf.

You won’t see the game play itself, but rather a series of Pokemon Go API calls that tell you what’s happening real time.

In the end downloading the best Pokemon Go bots can help you cheat and dominate any Pokemon Go gym. But the reality of it is, bots can suck the life out of the game and make it no fun at all to play. What’s more the continued use of Pokemon Go bots can degrade the experience for players who genuinely want to play the game the right way. It’s really up to the individual to decide, but one thing’s for sure; there is no stopping the freight train of third party Pokemon Go applications any time soon.

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