According to the latest Poketrail update, closed beta testing has been opened to the public. On the heels of the latest Pokemon Go update, third-party tracking services like Pokevision were all shut down. By removing the nearby Pokemon tab tracking, and restricting access to Pokemon Go API, Niantic has effectively frustrated many of their fans. The backlash has been so severe in fact, that Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs broke their silence to release a statement.

To answer the many prayers of Pokemon Go trainers, there’s been a new Poketrail update. The update comes to us via the Pokemon Go subreddit TheSilphRoad, which has been a popular destination for players. The creators of the new Pokemon tracker has opened beta testing, which has led to a remarkable response.

poketrail update 1

The new Pokemon finder gives users the best way to find and track Pokemon, now that the in game tracker has been removed. With a real time Pokemon locator, users won’t have to aimlessly explore areas with little to no results. Best of all, Poketrail is the first of it’s kind to be optimized for mobile use. Finding rare Pokemon should be much easier after Poketrail launches.

So far the beta period is by invitation only, to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Poketrail creators are taking proper steps to make sure that the overwhelming interest does not sink their servers. It seems as though they’ve got an idea on how to roll out and properly implement their service. Niantic Labs should be taking notes.

There’s no real way to know how long Poketrail will last, but considering the overwhelming interest it’s clear to see that the demand for such a service won’t be going away any time soon. Services built to help you find Pokemon seem to be the hottest trend, and figures to stay that way as long as the in-game tracking system remains broken.

Want to sign up for the beta testing period? Need a Pokemon locator? Sign up through their website, and make sure to include an email address that isn’t connected to your Pokemon Go account.

What do you think about Poketrail and the newest Pokemon locator? Will you be signing up for the beta testing period? Leave us a comment below and let us know!