Easily one of the more unique Pokemon in the game, Bug type Pokemon are fairly common and easy to catch. These Pokemon share spawn locations with Grass type Pokemon as well. With a total of 12 bug types in Pokemon Go, you can use this guide to help catch bug type Pokemon no matter where you live.

The good news for bug type Pokemon hunters, is that they can be found without having to travel too far. In order to catch bug types, some of the more common places to look are in parks. If you live in a area populated with lots of parks or fields, finding bug types shouldn’t be too hard.

If you are looking to take a bug type into battle, or want to round out your Pokedex, use this guide to help catch bug Pokemon. Bug type Pokemon are typically found in neighborhood areas with sports fields and parks. When you aren’t having much luck catching bug type Pokemon, this guide can really help.

bug type Pokemon

When you are preparing for combat, Bug type Pokemon can be fairly good fighters. Although bug type Pokemon do have their fans, they are generally not used in combat much. This is because there are several Pokemon types that resist bug moves.

Fire, Flying, Fighting, Poison, Ghost, Steel, and Fairy types are among the Pokemon that have a natural resistance to Bug types. Do Pokemon types confuse you? Learn all about types and how they work in Pokemon Go here.

Planning your strategy ahead of time gives you the best chance at taking down a gym. When you pick the right type, you’ve got the best Pokemon for battle. Fire type Pokemon are strong against;

  • Grass type
  • Dark type
  • Grass type
  • Psychic type

Looking for bug types to catch? Read on to learn how to catch bug type monsters in Pokemon Go.

How to catch bug type Pokemon

Primary Places to look – Grassy areas such as soccer fields and baseball fields are excellent places for bug type spawn locations. Golf courses are another great spawn location for bug type Pokemon. Here are some of the other places to look;

  • Sports fields
  • Grassy areas
  • Parks
  • Golf courses

These are some of the best places to look for bug type Pokemon.

Other places to look – If you aren’t having much luck in your quest to catch bug Pokemon types, you can also try;

  • Farmlands
  • Hiking trails
  • Nature reserves

Other ways to catch bug type Pokemon 

Evolve them – Two of the more popular bug types include Parasect, Venomoth and Beedrill. These Pokemon can be evolved from Caterpie, Venonat and Weedle respectively. Many of these bug type Pokemon got buffs in the latest Pokemon Go update.

Hatch Eggs – Another way to catch bug types is to hatch them from eggs. Want to learn how to hatch eggs effectively? read our article here.

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