On the heels of the latest update from Niantic Labs, Pokemon players have been in an uproar. Changes to the Pokemon Go API have led to the shutdown of all third-party apps like Pokevision and other Pokemon GO locator services. To make things worse, the latest Pokemon Go update 0.31.0 has also removed the in-game tracking system.

In response to this, Pokemon Go players have been flocking to demand refunds and the backlash against Niantic has been severe. So severe in fact that it’s led the developer of Pokemon Go to release an official statement on the update.

If you are one of the angry and frustrated Pokemon Go players, there’s a new way to locate Pokemon. Using this new method, you can create your own DIY Pokemon Go locator.

Pokemon Go locator

How to make your own Pokemon Go locator

Looking for a Pokemon Go locator that works with the new update? This DIY method gives you the ultimate tool to find Pokemon in your area, even if you have already updated your Pokemon Go app.

This Pokemon locator map is based on this post by James Futhey, one of the lead developers for Ember in Seattle. Use this tool to easily locate Pokemon spawn points and catch them all!

  1. Create a new Pokemon Go account – Don’t use your primary account to do this. Head over to create a new Pokemon Trainer Club profile at Pokemon Go’s official website. This isolates your primary account in case Niantic Labs cracks down again.
  2. Visit the gitHub page and launch it in on your desktop. Click on the button that says “Deploy to Jelastic” to begin mapping your information to the server. You will need to complete the registration process in order to create this Pokemon Go locator.
  3. Configure your map for the area you are tracking Pokemon down at. Wait for the map to load fully.
  4. Click to see the map you’ve created, and share it with your friends so that they can join in contributing to your Pokemon nest map.

This method also allows you to see the Pokemon gym locations, Pokestops as well as all the Pokemon spawns in your area. This form of crowdsourced Pokemon Go locator map is quickly gaining steam through the Pokemon Go Reddit community.

Although this Pokemon Go locator works with the update and is easy to use, it’s still a clear violation of the ToS. In other words make sure to use your best judgement and realize that you could be banned or punished for using this tool.

Have any questions about this DIY method to create your own Pokemon Go locator? Leave us a comment below and let us know!