Pokemon Go recently launched in Japan, the birthplace of all things Pokemon. Backed by corporate sponsorship in the form of Mcdonalds Japan, it’s bringing a new meaning to Pokemon Go lunch for Japanese kids. But for many Japanese mothers, the concept of a Pokemon Go lunch is nothing new.

Being a parent and having children who love Pokemon can be tough. It’s especially hard on moms in Japan who are constantly competing to one up each other. If you want to see how Japanese moms take their kids Pokemon obsession to the next level, check out some of the cutest Pokemon Go lunch ideas if you want to put a creative spin on your child’s lunchbox.

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Ten Best Pokemon Go Lunch ideas

Packing a Pokemon themed lunch for your kid isn't easy, especially when you are competing against some of these Japanese moms who take their bento box concepts to a new level. Whether your kid is playing Pokemon Go or just happens to be a huge Pokemon fan, you can use these tips to win yourself valuable brownie points with your child. Some of these Pokemon Go lunch ideas are simply incredible, and give new meaning to the concept of a Pokemon Go themed meal.

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Pokemon Go Lunch Ideas - Feast of Pokemon

Aug 05, 2016
Pokemon Go Lunch Ideas - Feast of Pokemon

This creative Pokemon bento box has a little bit of everything. Pikachu, Pokeballs and Jigglypuff squares are all happily looking back at you. Eating Pokemon has never been more fun.

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