Fighting type Pokemon are some of the most interesting and varied monsters in the game. They can range from uncommon to common, and can be caught or evolved. In order to track down and catch fighting type Pokemon, you can also use a Pokemon locator that doesn’t rely on Pokemon Go API.

This Pokemon type can be harder to track down, especially some of the more rare Pokemon. If you are looking to add a fighting type Pokemon to your collection, this guide can help. Although fighting types can be effective in battle, it will take the right strategy to take down difficult gyms.

With just 8 fighting types in Pokemon Go, these types can come in handy against the right opponent. Trainers who are having a hard time against Dark or Rock type Pokemon can utilize the natural resistance that Fighting Pokemon possess.

Attacking an opposing team gym with a fighting type Pokemon can be effective, but avoid Flying and Psychic enemies. Using the right strategy you can choose the best Pokemon for victory. If you don’t have many fighting types, read on to learn how to catch fighting type Pokemon.

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How to catch fighting type Pokemon

Primary Places to look – Fighting types can hang out in a variety of areas. You can search here or use a Pokemon finder to locate fighting type spawn locations.

  • Gyms
  • Stadiums
  • Sporting Centers
  • Outdoor Arenas

Planning your next hunt around these locations can help you catch fighting type Pokemon. After the latest Pokemon Go update, there were several fighting types that received buffs to their attacks.

If you aren’t having much luck finding fighting types, heading to ares with high concentration of Pokemon Go players can help. You can use items such as the Lure at Pokestops, with the use of a Incense to uncover more Pokemon. If this fails you can also take your turn at evolving the fighting types you are after.

Other ways to catch fighting type Pokemon 

Evolve them – Some of the more popular fighting types includes Machamp. With an excellent attack speed and superior stats, he can be a formidable combatant. You can evolve Machamp as the third and final evolution of Machop. Using candy you’ll need to evolve this Pokemon to Machoke, before the final evolution.

When evolving Pokemon, make sure to use a CP calculator to determine whether or not your Machop is worth the Stardust. If you are serious about learning how to catch fighting type Pokemon, use The Silph Road’s IV calculator to see how your Pokemon stacks up.

Hatch Eggs – Although it’s not very common, you can also get fighting types from eggs. Most fighting type Pokemon will require a 5k egg.