Pokemon trainers are complaining about the latest Pokemon update bug to rear it’s ugly head. Trainers have found it harder to catch Pokemon after the latest Pokemon Go update, and the developer has now confirmed this problem. High level players are quickly becoming frustrated with the fact that even low CP Pokemon can take a few Pokeballs before you can capture them.

Niantic tweeted confirmation of the new Pokemon update bug, and promises to address the issue shortly.

The Pokemon Go update created the impression that Niantic increased the difficulty on purpose. The fact that they are now communicating more is a positive outcome, but it’s a silver lining in a large cloud of player disappointment for the popular mobile game developer.

This confirmation from Niantic Labs comes on the heels of a massive uproar over the removal of in-game tracking. It angered enough Pokemon Go fans to demand refunds, and Niantic took notice. Niantic even issued a statement explaining the shutting down of third-party tracking services and the removal of the three step tracking system.

Popular Pokemon Go memes have begun to crop up after the update.
Popular Pokemon Go memes have begun to crop up after the update.

In the statement Niantic explained the removal of the tracking system and promised to make changes. It’s a positive spin on the entire subject, which still has many fans demanding refunds. It remains to be seen just how Niantic will “improve the underlying design.”

Meanwhile there’s still tons of frustrated Pokemon Go players out there. Almost all of the third party Pokemon locator sites as well as Pokemon Go bots were rendered useless after changes to the Pokemon Go API. The challenges in the broken Pokemon Go API hasn’t stopped third party developers, in fact the first mobile ready Pokemon finder called Poketrail just launched their beta testing period.

Will Niantic respond in time to save some of their reputation? We have faith in the developer and their abilities, however there’s no denying the many mistakes that the Pokemon Go developer has made in the rollout of the biggest mobile game in history.

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