Many Pokemon Go players that have reached a certain level have realized how difficult the grind is. Once your character is leveled up over level 20, the experience ratchets up quickly. It becomes increasingly difficult to level from this point onward. There’s a lot of Pokemon Go tips to level up quickly, but today we’ll show you how to use unlimited lucky eggs.

For those that don’t know, lucky eggs will double the experience your Pokemon Go character receives. One of the best Pokemon Go hacks for leveling up fast, this unlimited lucky eggs trick is excellent when you have enough candy to evolve Pokemon.

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Although many people claim to know this unlimited lucky eggs, it won’t work for incense. Read on to learn why.

How to Get Unlimited Lucky Eggs

One of the most popular items in Pokemon Go, lucky eggs can give you a huge advantage when leveling up. But the duration of double experience only lasts 30 minutes, which gives you a very limited window to level up your Pokemon Go character.

This Pokemon Go trick works currently on latest update, which is the 0.31.0 build. It’s effective for evolving your Pokemon, but won’t work for your Incense. Although you can extend the duration of time that your Pokemon Go incense will work, you won’t be able to catch Pokemon.

UPDATE – This trick has been confirmed as of the latest build of Pokemon Go 3/10/2016 – Post pre-game tracker update. There’s no telling how long this will last, so get to it now!!

Here’s how you get unlimited lucky eggs to level up quickly.

Step 1 : Gather enough candy and transfer Pokemon in order to stack up for this Pokemon Go trick. Then use a lucky egg to get your 30 minutes of double experience.

Begin evolving your Pokemon and when your lucky egg timer gets to around 5 minutes, proceed with this How to guide.

Step 2 : Now open up your Android or iPhone smartphone settings, without closing Pokemon Go. Change the date and time setting in your smartphone, disabling the automatic update.

Step 3 : Toggle off the option which allows to set the date and time of the device automatically.  This gives you another big block of 30 minutes in which to evolve Pokemon. This can also be called the network update or time refresh.

Step 4: Once the automatic setting is turned off, roll back the time in the device. Now with your automatic time setting off in your smartphone, you can turn back the time on your phone by 25 minutes. Make sure you don’t set back the time by more than 30 minutes.

Doing this will increase the amount of time your Lucky Egg or Incense has before running out. You’ll notice that the timer in Pokemon Go will also roll back giving you another segment of time.

Although you can use this Pokemon Go trick to extend the timer on your Incense as well, most players won’t be able to catch Pokemon. Because most mobile networks require the time setting to be synced, you may or may not be able to turn on location and WiFi services.

This prevents you from being able to track down and catch Pokemon, but the unlimited lucky eggs trick is still very effective. Have any questions on this guide to unlimited lucky eggs and power leveling in Pokemon Go? Leave us a comment below and let us know!