Pokemon Go bots have been running rampant in the game from almost the launch date. Working Pokemon Go bot programs have ruined the balance of gameplay for many trainers. It’s created a huge wave of anti-cheating sentiment that Niantic reacted to today. Niantic took down one of the most popular Pokemon Go bots, as Mygobot shut down today.

The popular Pokemon Go bot app allowed players to automatically check Pokestops and catch Pokemon. Niantic had taken measures to counter cheaters and GPS spoofing through their latest update, but it didn’t do much to curb cheating.

UPDATE – Pokebot has quickly arisen from the ashes of MyGobot, becoming one of the best Pokemon Go bot programs.


The new updates stopped cheaters for a while, but it was only a matter of time. The small break in cheating resumed as soon as the Pokemon Reddit community solved the changes to the latest Pokemon Go API. Niantic has just rolled out the v0.33.0 update which made small adjustments to gameplay and improvements.

Overall the changes and recent developments can only help the popularity of Pokemon Go. The elimination of Pokemon Go bots when MyGoBot shut down balances out gameplay and gets rid of cheaters. It gets rid of players who have overpowered Pokemon for their level, and forces everyone to play on an even playing field.

Although it’s just one step, by having MyGoBot shut down Niantic is moving forward. What’s more they seem to be listening more to their users, which hasn’t always been a strong point for the developer. By having MyGoBot shut down, Niantic effectively sent a message to game hackers that they will take action.

It’s been rumored that Niantic Labs is planning a wide ban to eliminate the cheaters, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Although MyGobot was one of the largest bots out there, it’s a constant battle. There will always be cheaters in any game, and there’s sure to be other Pokemon Go bots that work with the latest update.

What do you think about the aggressive move to have MyGoBot shut down? Do you think Niantic is doing everything they can? Leave us a message below and let us know!