Niantic is not wasting any time as they’ve made good on their promise to bring back in game tracking. The Pokemon GO new update is version v0.33.0, and it has made several improvements in gameplay. Not only that but Niantic also took huge strides by shutting down one of the most popular Pokemon Go bots out there.

Although the in game tracking system has returned, it’s clear that it’s a work in progress. It’s clear that many rural area Pokemon Go trainers still have a distinct disadvantage versus urban ones or players that live in big cities. Still it’s a big step forward for the Pokemon Go developer and players who can’t locate Pokemon.

Not sure what changed in the Pokemon GO new update? We’ve got you covered.

Pokemon GO new update – What’s new?

New Pokemon Go tracking system – The newest variation of nearby Pokemon has allowed players to track Pokemon once again. Niantic Labs has announced that this system is still evolving, so expect to see many variations of this new tracking system.


The new tracking system allows you to see where the closest Pokemon are in relation to nearby Pokestops. While this feature is great for urban players, it’s a bit wanting for those who live in rural areas.

pokemon go new update

Either way the good news about the Pokemon GO new update is the return of tracking. It’s been a huge part of the game that’s been missing, and hopefully leads to further improvements.

Battery Saver – The feature was removed in the last Pokemon Go update, and thankfully has returned. There are many ways to save battery playing Pokemon Go, and the improved battery saver feature helps players play longer.

When in doubt check out our guide on portable battery packs that can extend Pokemon go gameplay.

Pokeball throws fixed – Some of the changes in the last Pokemon Go update broke the fundamentals of throwing Pokeballs and also removed the experience bonuses. They’ve now returned in the Pokemon GO new update, giving you bonuses for ‘Nice,’ ‘Great,’ and ‘Excellent’ throws.

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Pokemon Go name change – Along with changing your appearance, you can now change your Pokemon Go trainer name. Niantic has limited the change and allowed you to change it just once, so choose wisely!

Safety popups – The last update included several appearance changes, from font and new popups. With the Pokemon GO new update, there’s now warnings that show when people play over a certain speed.

Pokemon Go new update 1


These safety popups in the game should help keep people safe playing Pokemon Go, and prevent accidents. For a complete rundown of all the changes in the Pokemon Go new update, check here at the Google Play store.

What do you think about the changes in the Pokemon GO new update? Are you excited about the return of the tracking system? Leave us a comment below and let us know!