Pokemon Go has become something of a cultural revolution, and businesses are cashing in. Small business owners are using new ways and techniques to grow their brand and capitalize Pokemon Go for business. This augmented reality (AR) game has players walking to real life locations, increasing foot traffic and business.

But innovative small business owners are taking their efforts to a new level. Being able to capitalize Pokemon Go and connect to players is an excellent way to increase revenue. The real life locations are called Pokestops, and many business owners are trying to register their own business to attract more customers.

If you are a small business owner and want to expand your brand, capitalize Pokemon Go and the popularity of the biggest mobile game of all time using these tips below.

How to capitalize Pokemon Go for small business

Demographics – If you don’t know what Pokemon Go is all about, you may confuse it as a child’s game. In fact Pokemon is well over 20 years old, meaning much of it’s target demographic has already grown up.

This gives you as a small business owner a wide range of customers that are Pokemon fans. Don’t underestimate the potential of these tactics to make money using Pokemon Go.

Capitalize Pokemon Go 2

Power in numbers – Not convinced that being able to capitalize Pokemon Go will help your business? The mobile gaming app exceeded 100 million downloads over this past week, and it’s raking in the cash. Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has been busy rolling out updates, and pulls in roughly 2 million dollars a day.

In fact the game has been so popular it’s rocketed Nintendo’s value over 8 billion dollars since launch. Here’s how to use Pokemon Go to help your small business below.

Using Lures – Lures are items that are activated at Pokestops. These lures attract Pokemon or “pocket monsters” which is an integral part of gameplay. They can be purchased for a small amount of money, and can attract trainers from miles away to come to your area.

In fact if your business or a business near yours is a registered Pokestop, consider using lures to bring more foot traffic to your business. These lures last for 30 minutes and can be bought for just one dollar. It’s one of the best low-cost ways to capitalize Pokemon Go and bring more customers to your door.

What’s more you can also integrate this into your business to offset any costs. For example there are many coffee shops now offering to activate a lure for every 10 cups of coffee they sell, which gives customers an incentive to reach those marks and track down Pokemon.

Reward Pokemon trainers – Many small business owners are having a lot of success by rewarding players to come and catch Pokemon. Not only will it bring more customers to your small business, but it’s a fantastic way to organically grow your brand.

Capitalize Pokemon Go 1

Engage your patrons and capitalize Pokemon Go popularity to drive up sales, it’s brilliant. Players can share and show off their recently captured Pokemon, and your business will gain exposure and free advertising.

Social Networks – Engaging with Pokemon players in your business can encourage them to share, and promote you without even realizing it. There are many small business owners who are looking to capitalize Pokemon Go business by changing menu items or incorporating Pokemon themed services.

small business Capitalize Pokemon Go

Using services and websites that can help you find Pokemon, promoting rare or hard to find Pokemon around your area can attract more business to your door.


Other ways to capitalize Pokemon Go

Making money from Pokemon Go doesn’t have to include you knowing anything about the game or playing it for that matter. Advertise that your small business offers free Wi-Fi or provide an area where players can charge their smartphones.

Pokemon Go is a serious battery drainer, so this can be another way to increase revenue from Pokemon Go.

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