One of the most sought after fairy type Pokemon in the game, Clefairy ranks as uncommon to rare depending on where you live. This pink Pokemon is cute, lovable but not always easy to find. If you are missing this fairy Pokemon from your collection, learn how to catch Clefairy using this handy guide.

As specific types of Pokemon go, fairy type spawn locations are usually around places of interest. Although they are not usually used when attacking opposing team gyms, they can serve as solid combatants when called upon.

Need to catch Clefairy or want a evolved Clefable? Read on to learn how to locate and find the elusive Pokemon.

catch Clefairy

How to catch Clefairy

Clefairy Spawn Locations – Cemeteries and churches are common Clefairy dens. This fairy type Pokemon can spawn at these locations, and can be caught there.

Other locations can include landmarks and places of interest that relate to spirituality.

Best time to catch Clefairy – Many Pokemon go trainers have reported that fairy type Pokemon appear more often at night. When on the hunt to track down Clefairy, make sure to use our Pokemon Go safety guide to play safely.

Hatch Eggs – Hatching Pokemon eggs can also net you a Clefairy and even Clefable. The fairy type Pokemon is available to hatch from 2km eggs, which makes it much easier to catch Clefairy.

Use our guide to hatching eggs quickly or consider one of the many hacks to get around actually walking the distance required.

Full Moon – One of the most popular rumors that have yet to be confirmed is that Clefairy Pokemon will spawn at higher rates during a full moon. Much like the Eevee evolution trick, this is a callback to the Pokemon cartoon.

Possibly inspired by the episode “Clefairy and the Moon Stone,” this is still just a rumor at this stage.

How to Catch Clefable – Although you can find a Clefable in the wild, the better chance at catching this Pokemon is through evolution. You can evolve Clefable, using 50 Clefairy candies.

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