Most legendary Pokemon have yet to make their appearance in Pokemon Go. While trainers wait for the next Niantic update that will include these powerful Pokemon, many of them are still looking for Dragonite. In many ways knowing how to catch Dragonite is one of the hardest achievements for most players.

This incredibly cute and cuddly Dragon type Pokemon also classifies as a flying type as well. Dragonite also happens to be awesome in battle, and capable of leveling any opposing team gym. When planning your top six fighters, understanding how types in Pokemon Go work can mean the difference in battle.

Are you jealous of your friends that already have Dragonite? Want to catch Dragonite but you aren’t sure how to? Read on to find out how to catch this dragon type Pokemon in this guide.

catch dragonite

How to catch Dragonite

Whether you think Dragonite is cute or want him because of his powerful attacks and high DPS, there are many reasons to learn how to catch Dragonite. Although you can find him in the wild, you have a far better chance of evolving Pokemon #149. Learn more about Pokemon in our very own Pokedex.

Dragonite evolves from Dragonair, which evolves from Dratini. So your best bet is to catch as many Dratini as possible. There have been trainers that have caught Dragonite in the wild, through highly populated urban areas.

Dratini Pokemon can be found along bodies of water. Much like other water type Pokemon, Dratini spawn locations can also be located using Pokemon finder tools. Rivers, lakes, beaches and docks are all common areas where Dratini can be found.

In order to evolve Dratini to Dragonair, you will need 25 Dratini candy. If you want to build the ultimate Dragonite however, you should always calculate your Pokemon IV before evolution. Once you have the best Dragonair possible, you’ll need 100 Dratini candy to evolve into Dragonite.

Of course if you just want to catch Dragonite in the wild, you’ll be best served by signing up for the beta test period for Poketrail. This new Pokemon nest finder is still in development to match the changes that Niantic has made to the Pokemon Go API.

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