Niantic Labs has taken huge steps to shut down Pokemon Go bots, recently having MyGobot shut down. One of the most popular botting programs for Pokemon Go, the MyGobot shut down stranded thousands of cheaters. However the best Pokemon Go bot might have surfaced in Pokebot, otherwise known as Pokefarmer.

The new Pokemon Go bot works exceptionally well, and seems to have redirected much of the MyGobot userbase. By allowing users to log in with their credentials, the GPS spoofing script will play the game for you automatically.

best Pokemon Go bot

The new Pokemon Go bot combines the best features of MyGobot and improves them. By playing the game for you, it can collect Pokestops, catch Pokemon and transfer them for candy. If you are looking for the best Pokemon Go bot after the MyGobot shut down, read all about it below.


How the best Pokemon Go bot works

Pokemon API – After developers reverse engineered the new changes to the Pokemon GO API, bot programs resurfaced. Pokebot / Pokefarmer is no different in that it uses the API to walk or run to Pokestops and collect items and catch Pokemon.

Google / PTC Support – Using your Pokemon Go account credentials you can log in and have the bot play for you. Pokefarmer allows you to save your login details for future bot sessions.

Customizable – You can change and configure many options in Pokebot. From walking speed, to which Pokemon to catch and keep, there’s a high level of configuration included. Pokefarmer is one of the best Pokemon Go bot programs because you can customize just about everything about the bot.

Results – Most users wanting to level up quickly have found great success with Pokestop. Their claims to being the best Pokemon go bot don’t seem far fetched based on these results. Many trainers report upwards of 55k experience an hour and over 90 Pokemon caught in an hour.

Using coordinates you can determine where the Pokemon Go bot should start. Previous versions of the best Pokemon Go bot included pathing through GPX files, although this feature seems to be missing from Pokebot.

With all the customization and features included in Pokebot, there’s no doubt that it’s the best Pokemon Go bot right now. But it might not be a wise decision to cheat, considering Niantic has implemented wide sweeping bans through their other augmented reality game Ingress. In the end the decision to bot is entirely your own whether or not you want to cheat.


Although we don’t believe in cheating Pokemon Go, the bot may be the only means to catch Pokemon for rural players. Still any use of a Pokemon Go bot is a clear violation of Niantic Labs Terms of Service.

It goes without saying that any use of a bot is at your own risk. Niantic has already circumvented many of the self proclaimed “best Pokemon Go bot” programs, you can be sure they know what to look for. This could result in a ban or deletion of your account, so if you decide to cheat make sure you understand the dangers involved.

Have any other questions or comments about Pokebot? What do you think about Pokefarmer? Do you think there’s another program that’s the best Pokemon Go bot? Leave us a comment below in the comment box to let us know!


  1. I know this is back in August, but I disagree with you and have used hell better bots than “Poke Farmer”. It is not bad, but with out worldwide sniping, route detection and Perfect Autocatch Poke Farmer has been left way behind. Started an account one day and in the same day topped level 25 in a few hours. Caught everything in the Pokedex within 4 hours. I have 14 accounts all over level 30 and all have near perfect IV Pokemon. Problem is the new update has killed all bots and it is unlikely to ever be back in the future. As for Necrobot, the developers have stopped all development. Boo Hoo. Alas I have the open source files of Necrobot.jar and have reworked it to work too efficiently. This new update since Oct 8 2016 has killed all bots for a really long time. We will find a way to get them going again.

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