Rock type Pokemon are some of the most varied in Pokemon Go. Most rock types can be found in urban areas, and can be relatively easy to find. The good news is Niantic has just brought back Pokemon Go’s in game tracker. Before you can catch rock type Pokemon, you’ve got to be able to find them. With a total of 11 different rock types in Pokemon Go, there’s a lot of variety to fill out your Pokedex.

Two of the more popular rock types include Omastar and Aerodactyl. These Pokemon are celebrated for their rare factor and decent combat abilities. Other Pokemon like Kabutops can serve as excellent gym defenders in a pinch. When you are looking for how to catch rock type Pokemon, try to look in areas that are populated by normal, bug as well as grass types.

Whether you want to catch rock type Pokemon to complete your collection, or because of personal preference this guide can help. Chances are there are many areas where you can catch rock type Pokemon no matter where you live.

catch rock type Pokemon

Rock types can be useful in combat, especially when you’ve done your homework to calculate CP by choosing the highest IV rating. Even though trainers don’t usually try to catch rock type Pokemon for battle, they can be effective with the right strategy. In order to defeat opposing team gyms, you’ll need to understand the differences in Pokemon types.

Rock type Pokemon attacks are strong against Fire, Ice, and Flying, as well as some Bug types. They are highly ineffective against Fighting, Ground and Steel type Pokemon. There’s also a handful of Pokemon that have double resistance against Rock types, so choose wisely.

With the right amount of planning, you can pick the six best Pokemon for battle.

Rock type Pokemon have weak defenses against;

  • Grass type
  • Water types
  • Fire type
  • Steel type
  • Fighting type

Along wth grass types, rock type Pokemon are tied for the most amount of weaknesses on defense. This seems counter intuitive, considering most rock type Pokemon have a naturally high defense.

How to catch rock type Pokemon

Primary Places to look – When you want to catch rock type Pokemon, head to your nearest quarry or nature reserve. You can also try large parking structures as well as parking lots. If you can’t find any to catch, try these other places;

  • Farmlands
  • Parking buildings
  • Cities
  • Hiking Trails
  • Mountain regions

These are some of the best places to catch rock type Pokemon.

Other places to look – Still can’t find any rock type Pokemon in your area? Check out a few of these other choices;

  • Shopping centers
  • Malls
  • Hills

Other ways to catch rock type Pokemon

Evolution – Omastar is one of the more popular rock types, and in order to evolve him you’ll need 50 Omanyte candy. Some of the other popular rock type Pokemon can include Aerodactyl, who is one of the more rare Pokemon in the game. He’s been found in back yards, and parks but does not have an evolution. If you are a fan of rock type Pokemon, several of them received buffs in the big Pokemon Go update.

Eggs  – If you still aren’t having much luck in your quest to catch rock type Pokemon, turn to hatching eggs instead. Pokestops can give you eggs occassionally, or you can turn to the new Pokestop trick to force eggs. Once you have them of course you’ll need to take the proper steps to hatch them. There are also many Pokemon Go tricks to quickly hatch eggs as well.

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