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Pokemon Go has been an instant smash success, opening up many different avenues of revenue for enterprising fans. Some of the methods include customized tools like server status checks and bot programs built around Pokemon Go API. Of course one of the most lucrative ventures is the sales of Pokemon Go account profiles. The economics of Pokemon Go accounts for sale has been growing since the game’s inception, and according to CNBC a user is selling their Pokemon Go account for $999,999.

The lucrative market for MMO accounts has always been incredibly popular. When you consider the vast amounts of time it takes, it brings new meaning to the age old adage that time is money. Pokemon Go trainer accounts for sale have been finding tremendous success, many of them selling for upwards of thousands of dollars.

Pokemon Go account 1The million dollar Pokemon Go account is being listed on a website called PlayerAuctions. According to the person selling their Pokemon Go account, they will provide over 200 Pokemon that are perfect. For those that don’t know a “perfect” Pokemon is one of the game’s most powerful.

As an example, two of the same Pokemon will be very different when fully leveled up. Investing your resources in the wrong Pokemon will lead to an underwhelming performer that won’t be able to compete with advanced trainers.

For many casual gamers, the concept of a perfect Pokemon can be confusing. However for advanced players who understand battle statistics and Pokemon IV, they understand how rare it is. Pokemon IV stands for Individual Values, which are the hidden values to determine how much potential a Pokemon has. There are many online tools such as the one at The Silph Road to help you calculate which one of your Pokemon are worth investing your hard earned Stardust on.


If you think the sale price is outrageous, that’s because it is. To date some of the most expensive Pokemon Go account profiles that have sold have fetched over $10,000 dollars. According to the PlayerAuctions website, there are quite a few Pokemon Go account profiles listed for over $11,000 dollars.

Other websites such as Ebay have quite a few listings for Pokemon Go accounts for sale. These accounts have quite a few imperfect Pokemon, a far cry from the one being listing for almost a million dollars. The proprietor of the website has said that gamers playing Pokemon Go to sell them consider it a full-time job.

Similar MMO games like League of Legends have been an incredible resource of revenue for many gamers. People like Amir Hussaini say that they make up to $2,000 dollars a month selling MMO accounts.

Although it seems like a far-fetched idea for a Pokemon Go account selling for a million dolllars, consider this. Pokemon Go has raked in $200 million in net revenue since it’s launch, and become the biggest mobile game of all time. When you consider that the game isn’t available in every country yet, you begin to understand the huge demand that’s out there for a powerful Pokemon Go account.

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