The ability to track Pokemon has been a sore issue for many trainers for quite some time. In fact the old tracking system only worked for a few days after launch before breaking permanently. When Niantic removed the “nearby” tab and tracker all together, players responded by flooding the developer with refund requests and low rated reviews. Luckily with the newest update, Niantic released an all new Pokemon Go tracker and you can see it in action.

When the old tracking system was removed it created quite a bit of backlash. Despite the fact that it was buggy and barely worked, users felt as though Niantic wasn’t supporting their players. The backlash became so severe that Niantic issued a statement regarding the tracking system.

Good news is, from the videos of the new Pokemon Go tracker in action it looks extremely promising. Check out how the tracking system in Pokemon Go works below.

How the new Pokemon Go tracker works

The new Pokemon Go tracker brings up a nearby tab, showing Pokestops that your monsters are near. As shown below tapping on the Pokemon will bring up an overhead view, showing you where these Pokemon were located.

The new tracker in Pokemon Go certainly looks promising enough, especially for rare Pokemon. However it remains to be seen how well the tracker will work for players in rural areas. So far the imbalance between rural players and urban ones is pretty bad. So bad in fact that many trainers are turning to GPS spoofing and Pokemon Go bot programs to get an edge.

new Pokemon Go tracker 1

By clicking on any of these nearby Pokemon, you’ll see where they are in relation to you. This is an incredibly promising development for Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go tracking system used to display the nearby Pokemon, with footprints meant to indicate how far they were. It wasn’t before long when this Pokemon Go tracker broke. This was also known as the three step glitch.

three step glitch 1 new Pokemon Go tracker

After the latest update, the groundwork for the new Pokemon Go tracker was in place. Trainers could now click on the nearby tab, and would see grass behind the Pokemon that were near. This is also known as the “sightings” section.

new Pokemon Go tracker 2

Currently the sightings Pokemon won’t let you click on it, but according to Niantic they’ve got some big plans for this section. Niantic Labs has been on the rebound since the update controversy. In fact along with shutting down Pokevision, they are turning their aim at Pokemon Go bots.

It’s a fluid situation that shows Niantic is serious about their game. Positive signs for any Pokemon Go trainer or fan, and it bodes well for the future of the biggest mobile game in history.

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