Pokemon Go bot programs are back in the spotlight, after Niantic shut down one of the biggest bots in the game last week. According to the Pokemon Go subreddit, many “players” who use GPS spoofing bot programs have been banned. They’ve coined it the “catch flee ban” and it could be a sign that Niantic is ready for a massive, more permanent ban.

Niantic doesn’t like cheaters, and they’ve rolled out massive bans before. Ingress is the game that preceded Pokemon Go, and also had a serious problem with bots and GPS cheaters. That is before they terminated cheating accounts on a global scale. The new Pokemon Go ban looks like it’s the beginning of the end for cheaters, and honest players everywhere can’t wait for it to arrive.

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What is the catch flee ban?

Players using Pokemon Go bots could login using their account information, and have the program play the game for them. The bot would catch pokemon, spin Pokestops, incubate eggs and even more. The new catch flee ban makes it impossible for botters to catch Pokemon, and unlike soft bans the catch flee ban isn’t going away.

The catch flee ban looks to be permanent, which is great news for the Pokemon Go community. Pokemon Go bot programs ruin the balance of gameplay, and makes the game un-enjoyable for trainers that play honestly. Anyone who has encountered a level 40 player with a 3000+ CP Dragonite in a gym knows what we are talking about.

How can I tell if I’ve been banned?

If you are using a Pokemon Go bot program, many users have reported seeing the error message “failed to retrieve game data from server.” It’s a clear sign that Niantic has deemed your account as one that has violated the ToS. You can use this page to try and appeal your Pokemon Go ban.

Understanding the different types of Pokemon Go bans

What are soft bans?

Soft bans are the form of punishment that Niantic had in place before the new Pokemon Go ban. These soft bans would last a few hours at most, which emboldened cheating players to bot even harder after the soft ban was lifted. Considering how badly Pokemon Go bots unbalanced gameplay, it was really nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

In fact there were even online tools to help you unban soft ban punishments. These would usually be scripts that used the Pokemon Go API to spin Pokestops until the soft ban was lifted.

Necrobot shut down after Niantic takes legal action

What makes the catch flee ban so important?

Unlike previous Pokemon Go bot ban punishments, the catch flee ban doesn’t seem to be IP related. It’s connected to your account, meaning Niantic knows who the cheaters are and what their account information is. Meaning it’s safe to say that Niantic has a real grasp of who the cheating players are, and it’s safe to say they are planning something really big really soon.

For honest players, the catch flee ban is important because it means that Niantic is listening to it’s userbase and trying to improve the game. It’s a hard pill to swallow for cheaters, but GPS spoofing and Pokemon Go bot programs are ruining gameplay. When players can use a Pokemon Go bot to gain upwards of 100k of experience in an hour and over 100 Pokemon an hour, you start to see how gameplay is affected.

If you are a player that’s been affected by the catch flee ban, and believe that the Pokemon Go ban is unfair you can always submit an appeal. However the use of GPS spoofing and bot programs is a clear violation of the Pokemon Go ToS, and Niantic has a right to act.

What do you think about the all new catch flee ban? Do you think a massive Pokemon Go ban is coming down the pipeline? Know anyone who has botted and regrets it? Let us know in the comment box below!



  1. Fuck this, I got to level 28 legit and then started using a bot. Living in such a crap area meant I had absolutely no chance, but with bots I at least could continue leveling up and catching new pokemon. Fuck Niantic.

  2. I got my account hard banned after the 22 hours of catch flee errors. Its not fair that I just recently started botting. For people living in rural places this game ain’t fair. I agree. Fuck Niantic

  3. If you got to 28 legit in 5 weeks, you have absolutely no gameplay limitations. I play a lot in a major area, used $30 from an old google play gift card, and am only level 24. You had 0 reason to cheat.

  4. This ban is horseshit, they should fix it so that players in bad areas can play as well. I got my character up to level 25 since day one and had to resort to use a pokemon bot. Now I’m stuck with this catch flee bullshit. Fix the game please Niantic before you just ban people. Fucking dumb

  5. All you cheaters got what you deserved. GTFO out of here with that I was only using a bot for a few weeks bullshit. Stay salty af. It’s pretty funny actually

  6. Question is : Why not normal perma ban? What is this ” catch flee ban” that looks to be permanent?
    A perma ban in any game i have played so far is your account deleted and you receive an email that you got banned. So niantic love to have thousands of accounts that people can login ingame but cant catch pokemons?

    ….they take drugs

    • Niantic has already started the permanent bans :

      If you were botting, cheating, GPS spoofing and banned permanently, you’ll get the “failed to get data from game server” message. meaning your account is gone. There’s lots of people already banned. Im sure Niantic struck the extreme cheaters first, they’ll be working their way down through to the cases that are a bit harder to sort out.

  7. Unfair game to me that live in area with just have 5 poke stop, vote for boting…. this game relly unfair since it launch

  8. 2 of my level 30 accounts got banned…..but….
    The fuck i care ^o^ i never play this suck game anyway ^o^ only love to bot and snipe this shit

  9. It’s not fair to people who actually played the game and needed to bot for an extra advantage. I don’t think it was fair at all

    • “needed” extra advantage? That’s called cheating, in any game. I only stole your boardwalk card because I needed an extra advantage in Monopoly… wut?

  10. I think the ban on botters is great, botters always ruin the game for everyone, however im a little more open minded on the issue of the gps spoofers, I’m not sure its fair to ban people if they were still investing their time into the game but just live in an area with 0 pokestops, or perhaps are unable to leave their home (or hospital possibly?) due to health issues etc..

  11. My catchflee ban is lifted as we speak. Could catch anything on both my accounts yesterday and now everythings back to normal

  12. I had my catch flee ban lifted last night. Turned down my walk speed to 4 km no snipe and woke up this morning to the game data cannot be retrieved from server error. My alt can log in fine

    Oh well. Was fun while it lasted

    • The moment when your account was flagged. Niantic will keep surveillance your account at the next few hours after your softban has been lifted. The only solution is abandon your flagged account then create a new account.

  13. What did you guys do to unban catch flee ban? All 3 of my accounts were banned. I don’t want to appeal just yet but I will if I have to.

  14. Kinda funny that people are sooooo worried about bots for a FREE app. You didn’t pay anything to download this app, you don’t pay anything to continue playing it. The only way botters get an advantage in this game is in a gym and let’s face it, you have 6 pokemon to beat 1!!!! So even if Niantic bans all the bots, the odds you’ll still be able to hold a gym are slim to none, but yes Niantic, let’s focus on banning bots instead of improving game play and actually making the game fun and giving us legit users a way to find pokemon.

    • Spoken like a true cheater. Of course it’s funny to you. You aint playing the game. Game is free but people’s time aint.

  15. Everything you said there has nothing to do with the fact that cheating is cheating. If your legitimate player it takes you a long time, where as these fucks can get to where you are in a day or two. Has zero to do with the fact the game is free idiot.

  16. idiot all bots work fine dont run a multiple bot. function multiplebot give you catchflee. hav3 3 account 1 issue failed get bla bla bla
    2 account runing 72 hour on 1 ip from adsl
    3 account runnig 72 hour on 1 ip from mobilephone
    speed 20km/h
    no snipe
    and no teleporting but if you stop play in newyork usa and dont run this accout about 1-2 days you can start in tokyo no catchflee no softban and niantek suck my dick and lick my ass. using necro 8.6

  17. Y’all cry too much, I play the game lagit and personally know that some of the accounts on the gyms are hack but I beat th anyways. Bunch a damn 30 year old babies bitchn bout a kids game. Fuckn funny..

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