Save up those candies because Niantic has just announced that Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions will be a part of the next Pokemon Go update. Interested to see which new Pokemon will be released in the game? These are the 12 new Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions for Pokemon that you can evolve currently.

This means that you’ll have a chance to evolve these Pokemon, if you’ve got the right entries in your Pokedex. Of course these Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions are just the tip of the iceberg to the new Pokemon being added to the game in coming months.

New Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Kingdra

Kingdra – One of the newest additions to Pokemon Go, Kingdra is the final evolution of Horsea. In order to evolve this Gen 2 Pokemon, it’s believed that you’ll need 100 Seadra candy.

This Pokemon is a dual type, a combination of Water and Dragon type. For the best chance at victory, having a good understanding of Pokemon type strategy is a good idea.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Blissey

Blissey – One of the more rare of the new Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions, Blissey is the final evolution of Happiny. In order to evolve this Pokemon, you’ll need to first track down and catch Chansey. Like most of these new Pokemon, we think you will need 100 Chansey candies. Good luck with that one.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Scizor

Scizor –  One of the more accessible of the new 2nd generation Pokemon, Scizor is the final evolved form of Scyther. He’s a dual type Pokemon that combines the best of Bug and Steel types.

He’s definitely one of the cooler looking Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions. But we want to see a Mega Evolution into Mega Scizor.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Espeon

Espeon – One of the many Pokemon evolutions from Eevee, Espeon is a Psychic type Pokemon. Much like the other Eevee brothers, Espeon is a powerful combatant and one of the most anticipated of the new Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions.

Like many of the new Pokemon, you may need 100 Eevee candies to evolve this final form. Unfortunately it’s unknown if the Eevee evolution trick will work for the 2nd generation Pokemon evolutions.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Umbreon

Umbreon – This dark type Pokemon is evolved from Eevee, and easily one of the more anticipated of the new Pokemon. In the anime Umbreon evolves when trained with high friendship around Moon Shards.

Like many of the other forms of Eevee, it remains to be seen if the naming trick will allow you to choose your evolution. Unfortunately with the latest patch, the Eevee naming trick has been removed.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Porygon2

Porygon2 – This unique Pokemon is rumored to require just 25 Porygon candy to evolve. This is a normal type that’s easily one of the most unique of the new Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Crobat

Crobat – This 2nd generation Pokemon is a dual type. Both Poison and flying type, Crobat is a final evolution of Golbat. Some people have guessed that you will need just 50 Zubat candy to evolve this final and third evolved Pokemon form.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Bellossom

Bellossom – The third and final evolution of Oddish, Bellossom is one of the cuter Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions. Bellossom is a grass type Pokemon that’s coming soon to Pokemon Go. If you want this 2nd generation Pokemon, you’ll need 100 Oddish candy.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Politoed


Politoed – This final evolution of Poliwhirl, this 2nd generation Pokemon first made an appearance in “Pokémon XY.” There has been some speculation that you may need 25 candy to evolve into this Pokemon.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Slowking

Slowking – One of the more interesting Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions, Slowking is the final evolution of Slowpoke. You’ll need 100 Slowpoke candy to evolve from Slowbro into Slowking.

gen 2 Pokemon evolutions Steelix

Steelix – Long overdue because Onix has been one of the more underwhelming Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This powerful evolution will require 100 Onix candy.

What do you think about the new Pokemon being added to Pokemon Go? Which one of the new Gen 2 Pokemon evolutions are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment box below!