Pokemon cheaters that use GPS spoofing and bot programs have been busy today trying to sort out the new Pokemon Go bans being rolled out. In response to the overwhelming amount of questions about these new bans, the Pokemon Go Reddit community has responded. If you have been banned or believe that your account has been hit with a Pokemon Go ban, use this page to appeal.

As of today there’s four different forms of the Pokemon Go ban. These bans can be levied for any number of reasons. Thanks to /u/Frosty_Toast_Man, we’ve got a complete rundown of all the account bans below. Visit the Reddit page to see the original copy of these different Pokemon Go bans.

Pokemon Go bans 1

What are Pokemon Go bans


Soft IP ban – One of the more unknown of all soft bans in Pokemon Go, this ban affects your IP address. All the accounts that are linked through your network IP will not be able to see any Pokestops or catch Pokemon. To lift this kind of soft ban, most users just avoid logging in for half an hour through the affected IP address.

Hard IP ban – This can happen for cheaters using GPS spoofing to travel around the world without leaving their couch. It’s a permanent IP ban and there’s no way to lift this type of Pokemon Go ban currently. Many cloud providers like AWS have been hit from this kind of ban.

Soft account ban – The most common Pokemon Go ban, these softban punishments are usually temporary. Here’s a few of the symptoms of a soft ban if you think your Pokemon Go account has been hit with one.

  • No items – Spinning Pokestops will give you zero items. You may get experience but will never get any items
  • Catch Flee – The latest Pokemon Go ban may actually be permanent, and it causes all Pokemon to flee no matter what.
  • No GPS reading – Your account won’t be able to see any Pokestops and no Pokemon will ever spawn.

Hard account ban – Just recently many players (mostly cheaters) have complained that their account data could not be read from the server. This is a permanent ban that’s effectively removed your account all together. You can try to appeal your Pokemon Go ban, but chances are your account is gone.

Many thanks again to the Pokemon Go Reddit community for this information. Make sure to visit them for any of the latest Pokemon Go news or updates.