Pokemon Go Reddit

There’s a new Pokemon Go bug being reported in the Pokemon Go subreddit, and it’s apparently one of the weirder ones. According to /u/hatterkneesinc, the new bug involves eggs taking over gyms. Pokemon trainers are placing eggs as gym leaders after successfully taking down the opposing team Pokemon. What’s worse, you can’t attack or take down these gyms afterwards.

Niantic has been busy recently, banning cheatersshutting down popular bot programs, testing the new in-game tracker and preparing to release Generation 2 Pokemon but we hope they get to this issue fast. As these cases of eggs taking over gyms increases, players are sure to take notice and complain.

We haven’t noticed this new Pokemon Go bug here yet, but it’s been confirmed by multiple users in the subreddit. Here’s the glitch as described by the user known as hatterkneesinc.

“Normally gyms change sides within 20 minutes but its been an hour or so since I noticed this and the affected gyms are still beaming yellow. The affected gyms also cannot be swiped to see the other pokemon. There is one gym that has not been affected (currently mystic) and when I tap on that after I tap on the egg gyms I get this IMGUR. The mystic gym overlay is glue in on the map and I cannot escape til I restart pogo.“

The new Pokemon Go glitch has to do with the fact that eggs are still selectable when you go to assign a gym leader. Simply swiping right allows you to put eggs as gym defenders, and it’s a free way to keep control of any gym.

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