Niantic has continued to roll out player bans for trainers who they believe have violated the Terms of Service. Many cheaters and botters have tried to appeal their Pokemon Go ban, with few results. What most banned players want is how to fix catch flee ban and is it safe to bot in Pokemon Go?

There’s a lot of misinformation and false reports out there, making it hard to determine what’s true or not. However, news from the Pokemon Go Reddit community seems to suggest there’s more to the catch flee ban than initially thought. While there are many accounts that have somehow learned to fix catch flee ban, it may be a flag for a permanent ban later.

Necrobot shut down

Can you fix catch flee ban?

At this time it appears that there are many accounts that have had the ban lifted. Many reports seem to indicate that it’s still a softban of sorts, just one that lasts for at least 12 hours. By rendering it impossible to catch Pokemon, the catch flee ban has scared off many would be Pokemon Go bot users.

What’s more Niantic has continued to shut down Pokemon Go bot developers, with Necrobot the latest to bite the dust.

What is known however is that Niantic is lowering the ban hammer, starting today. Pokemon Go’s official Twitter account confirmed this just a few hours ago. They are rolling out Pokemon Go ban waves, and it’s possible those who have been flagged with catch flee are on the list.

Considering the official word from Niantic, many Pokemon Go cheaters are staying off their bot programs in an attempt to lay low for a while.

What is the Catch Flee Ban?

For many GPS spoofers and botters however, the news is not so good. There’s a reply from Niantic being passed around Reddit today, as proof of the permanent bans being levied.

pokemon go catch flee ban

Know anyone who has somehow learned how to fix catch flee ban? Have you had your ban lifted? Do you think this will stop botters at all? Let us know in the comment box below!


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