There are many secrets and hidden easter eggs in Pokemon Go. These secrets are hidden gems that you can use to advance your trainer or just check out for fun. Niantic developers have quite a sense of humor when it comes to easter egg secrets. Some of these Pokemon Go easter eggs can give you a leg up on the competition, while others are funny.

No matter what level your Pokemon Go trainer has achieved, these Pokemon Go easter eggs can be a lot of fun. Whether you are a Pokemon Go beginner or an expert player, these secrets are funny and unique. From catching Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, to controlling Eevee evolutions, these are some of the best Pokemon Go secrets in the game.

Best Pokemon Go Easter eggs

Catch Pikachu – Everyone’s favorite electric Pokemon, Pikachu can be hard to catch depending on where you live. Using this Pokemon Go trick, you can catch Pikachu as your first Pokemon. When you start your game for the first time, the Professor will instruct you to catch your starter Pokemon.

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Instead of catching Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur, walk away until you are presented with your very own Pikachu. Catch Pikachu as your starter and get a great start on your new journey as a Pokemon master.

Control Eevee Evolution – The original anime cartoon helped spawn several generations of Pokemon games and titles. One of the more interesting Pokemon Go easter eggs, this trick helps you control which Pokemon your Eevee evolves into. By naming your Eevee after one of the brothers in the cartoon, you can pick from Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon.

Since the latest Pokemon Go update, this evolution trick only works ONCE per name. So make sure to do the right amount of research to evolve the best Eevee possible.

Hitmonlee nest near Bruce Lee – As one of the most unique fighting type Pokemon in the game, Hitmonlee spawns can be hard to come by. One of the biggest Hitmonlee nests are found near burial ground of the most famous martial artist history. Fans of Bruce Lee have reported a high concentration of Hitmonlee Pokemon in Seattle, Washington.

Thanks to /u/AznSensAsian
Thanks to /u/AznSensAsian

Want to catch this Pokemon yourself? Head up to the great Northwest and walk around Green Lake to get yourself a Hitmonlee.

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