One of the most eagerly anticipated new Pokemon Go features, there’s been a lot of buzz around Pokemon Go trading. Being able to trade and transfer Pokemon has been a huge part of why the brand has been so successful. According to many different Pokemon news outlets like iTechPost, there’s a host of new features coming soon including Pokemon Go trainer battle.

Many of the latest reports have speculated that Pokemon Go trading should arrive by November this year. This could be another big reason why Niantic has been on the offensive against Pokemon Go botters and GPS spoofers. They’ve recently cracked down on popular Pokemon Go bot programs, and shut them down by threat of legal action.

Niantic has been issuing permanent bans on players who have used third party apps or otherwise violated the Pokemon Go ToS. This would make sense as Pokemon caught using these programs would unbalance gameplay, and make the concept of Pokemon Go trading moot.

But Pokemon Go trading isn’t the only thing slated for release through a Pokemon Go update. For trainers who have filled out a large majority of their Pokedex, there are also new Generation 2 Pokemon set for release. What are some of the other new Pokemon Go features that are coming soon? Read below to check them all out.

New Pokemon Go Features – Pokemon Go trainer battle and more

Pokemon Go trading 3

Pokemon GO Trainer Battle – Otherwise known as Pokemon Go PVP, this is another very eagerly anticipated feature. One of the biggest of new Pokemon Go features for any trainer, being able to battle other trainers in battle gives gameplay a new element. Trainer battle in Pokemon Go now consists of visiting opposing team gyms to fight for control.

New Pokemon Go PVP gives people an option to trainer battle versus other players. Although Pokemon Go trading is set for release later this year, Pokemon Go trainer battle could come sometime in March next year.

Gen 2 Pokemon – Although Pokemon Go started with the first generation of Pokemon, the next wave of new Pokemon are arriving. The first set of new Pokemon will include new evolutions of current Pokemon, including new variations of Eevee. Some of the more popular Pokemon are also included like Umbreon and Espeon.

Can’t wait for these new Pokemon Go features? Check out these estimated release dates below :

  • Pokemon GO Trading – October 2016
  • Pokemon GO Trainer Battle – December 2016/January 2017
  • Pokemon GO Gen II – May 2017

What do you think of the new features coming to Pokemon Go? Which new Pokemon Go feature is your favorite? Can’t wait for Pokemon Go trading or Pokemon Go PVP / trainer battle? Let us know in the comment box below!