One of the rarest Pokemon in the game, there’s been a lot of speculation around how to catch Mewtwo. He’s been confirmed to exist in the code of Pokemon Go by the Reddit community, which has led to plenty of rumors. Some of these rumors seem plausible, while others seem downright incredible.

Some of these theories range from Mewtwo showing up when you catch 150 Pokemon, to catching him at Nintendo headquarters. But could Niantic have dropped a hint on how to catch Mewtwo much much earlier? As one of the most powerful Pokemon in the original anime cartoon, there’s a ton of speculation out there.

catch Mewtwo 1

The original Pokemon Go trailer showed a public event where trainers gathered to do battle with the legendary Pokemon. When you watch the trailer, you can easily see how Niantic originally intended Mewtwo to be a public event.

There’s a lot going on in this trailer, including the last segment which could show exactly how to catch Mewtwo. There’s a “RAID” television notification as trainers gather in a huge public area to do battle. Accompanying the notification is a countdown, and as trainers look on Mewtwo finally appears.

catch Mewtwo

After finally revealing himself, players do battle with Mewtwo. When he is finally defeated, you see trainers being able to catch Mewtwo. Upon completion of the public event in the video, you’ll see the notification ” Mewtwo has been caught ” appearing on trainer screens.

This kind of epic group battle event sounds awesome, but there’s no mention of it yet among the new Pokemon Go features. Some of the other features headed to Pokemon Go definitely look to add a layer of gameplay to the already massively popular mobile game. Some of these new gameplay elements include a new wave of Generation 2 Pokemon, as well as Pokemon PVP.


What new Pokemon Go features are you most excited about? Is it PVP? or the new Pokemon? Or being able to trade Pokemon? Let us know in the comment box below!