Maybe one of the most disturbing things you’ve ever heard, there’s a Pokemon Go clown that is terrifying local trainers in Florida. Wrinkles the Clown plays a deranged clown that will stalk and scare people for money, and he’s been apparently been hired to stalk trainers full time. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working because this Pokemon Go clown is downright evil looking.

Wrinkles has become somewhat of an Internet sensation over the past few years, originally hired by parents to scare their own children. He came into the spotlight after scaring high school kids last year who struck back against the clown.

Trainers in Florida have noticed the Pokemon Go clown hiding around Pokestops, or even walking around playing the game. It’s unclear whether or not he’s been paid to do this or simply just trying to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze.

Either way trainers in the Florida region should be aware of their surroundings, especially when there’s a murderous looking clown about. He’s bound to be easier to spot than the Pokemon Go clown in the game, Mr Mime who is region specific.

Although some players may see Wrinkles the Clown as a funny joke, it’s not hard to see how something could take a turn for the worse. Players could end up attacking this Pokemon Go clown if they feel threatened, which would be another controversy in a long line of controversial Pokemon Go news.

Pokemon Go clown

From players falling off cliffs, getting robbed, being locked in cemeteries or even shot at, it’s yet another reminder that trainers should always play Pokemon Go safely. There hasn’t been any major incident involving this crazy looking Pokemon Go clown, but it’s only a matter of time before someone feels the need to defend themselves.

Niantic has come under fire lately regarding the safety concerns of Pokemon Go. There’s even lawsuits being filed by homeowners who don’t feel safe. It’s opened a new form on their website for Pokestop removal, a step towards trimming down the potential dangerous situations that Pokemon players find themselves in.

What do you think about this Pokemon Go clown? What would you do if you saw him on the street? Let us know in the comment box below!

Pokemon Go clown 2