There’s a new lucky egg trick confirmed by the Pokemon Go Reddit community, and it can get you more than 100,000 experience in just one sitting! This trick is a great way for you to burn off all those pesky Rattatas and Pidgeys, and level up fast. If you’ve got a ton of the more common Pokemon in the game, use this lucky egg trick to reach your next trainer level.

The lucky egg in Pokemon Go doubles your experience for 30 minutes at a time. Everyone knows to hoard evolutions until you have enough to fill up this time slot. But this new lucky egg trick gives you the ultimate way to level up your trainer.

lucky egg trick

This lucky egg trick requires you to stop and restart evolutions, which gives you almost unlimited experience. I am on a Samsung Note 4, and it takes about 13 seconds for Pokemon Go to load fully. Using this Pokemon Go trick, we’ve gotten upwards of 130,000 experience from just one lucky egg.

Want to learn how to get more than 100,000 experience from just one lucky egg? Read on to see how to use this lucky egg trick, and reach your next level fast.

Lucky egg trick How To

  1. Use your lucky egg by activating it in your menu
  2. Evolve any Pokemon you have enough candy for
  3. Once the evolution animation starts, force close your Pokemon Go app
  4. Reopen your Pokemon Go app and evolve another Pokemon.
  5. Repeat until your lucky egg timer runs out

Because the experience for your evolution counts as soon as you start it, it will continue to stack. When you are done with your lucky egg, or 30 minutes have passed you’ll see that all the experience has been added to your trainer. Now instead of your lucky egg being limited to between 40k-50k, you should be able to surpass 130k when done right.

EDIT – There’s quite a bit of confusion on this lucky egg trick, so let’s be clear. This trick doesn’t stop the evolution at all. What it does do is eliminate the time it takes for your Pokemon to fully evolve. Instead of only evolving about 40k worth per lucky egg, this lucky egg trick allows you to do over 100k.

Your mileage may vary using this lucky egg trick. The faster your phone opens the app, the more evolutions you can squeeze into this 30 minute window. This lucky egg trick won’t work with the lucky egg timer trick however.

Give this lucky egg trick a try and see how fast you can level up today. What do you think about this Pokemon Go trick? Let us know in the comment box below!