Niantic began banning Pokemon Go trainers who cheated or used a third party application more than a week ago. Despite this fact however, there’s still some players who don’t believe that the permanent bans are real. In response many cheaters and botters received the first official Pokemon ban emails this morning, serving as proof Pokemon bans have officially arrived.

Anyone who frequents any number of the Pokemon Go bot subreddits this morning can plainly see the carnage. Niantic has rolled out the first stage of catch flee bans, and it’s most likely not their last. With Pokemon trading right around the corner, and Pokemon Go PVP not far behind, the Pokemon ban emails were a needed step.

Pokemon ban emails

Clearing up confusion, the Pokemon ban emails do more than prove the ban is real. It’s a sign to third party developers that Niantic was serious about gameplay balance. Many of the popular bot programs such as MyGoBot and Necrobot have been shut down, but there are other offshore alternatives still available.

These services are likely to increase and double overseas, where Niantic has less power. It remains a fluid situation, but it’s fair to say that the battle isn’t going to be over any time soon. The third party developers do not show any sign of backing down, and in fact recently scoffed at the notion that they’ll be stopped.

Caught in the crossfire between Niantic and these developers are players who might have been banned unfairly. For those people looking to fix Pokemon Go ban punishments, they can resort to the official appeal page.

What do you think about the latest news on Pokemon Go bans? Know anyone who has received Pokemon ban emails or were banned permanently? Do you believe you were banned unfairly? Let us know in the comment box below!