While the new in-game tracker has returned better than ever, many players in rural areas still have problems finding Pokemon. This led to many trainers trying to find specific Pokemon nest locations or spawn points. Although Niantic seems to have done away with Pokemon spawn points, the Pokemon nest locations are very valuable to anyone looking to complete their Pokedex.

Of course you could resort to third party websites that access the API to access Pokemon location real time. However this isn’t always a safe alternative either, as this violates the terms and conditions. That’s what our comprehensive Pokemon Go nest locations FAQ is for, to help you find and catch them all.

This list of Pokemon nest locations will be updated regularly, and is current as of 8-18-2016. It’s compiled using grassroot websites, the Pokemon Go Reddit community as well as various bot forums. Having said that we do not endorse or support botting in any way.

If you decide to use a third party GPS spoofer or bot, do so at your own peril. Chances are you may see an email from Niantic in your inbox soon.

Updated Pokemon nest locations

Bulbasaur- Ford Park Bell Gardens
Bulbasaur – Heritage park Irvine (Park is Huge)
Bulbasaur – Schabarum Regional Park Rowland Heights
Charmander – La Brea Tar Pits
Charmander – Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo
Charmander – Stoddard park Anaheim
Eevee – Heritage park Irvine (Park is Huge)
Electabuzz – La mirada creek park
Electabuzz – Tri City Park – Placentia
Gastly- Garden Grove Park
Jynx – Santa Monica Pier
Magnemites – Long Beach Aquarium
Magnemites – Santa Monica Pier
Psyduck – Salt Lake Park Huntington Park
Scyther- Liberty Park Cerritos
Squirtle – Peter’s Canyon (around the Lake)
Slowpoke – Long Beach Aquarium
Voltorb – Hillcrest Park in Fullerton
Voltorb – Santa Monica Pier
Vulpix – Long Beach Aquarium
Bellsprout – Memorial park Santa Ana (Not 100% Confirmed)
Bellsprout – Santa Monica Pier
Bulbasaur – Rio hondo golf club (Not 100% Confirmed)
Bulbasaur – Schabarum Park across the street from Puente Hills mall (Not 100% Confirmed)
Bulbasaur – Hollenbeck park Los Angeles in the AM (Not 100% Confirmed)

Pokemon nest locations charizard
Charmander – Allondra Park Lawndale
Charmander – El Dorado Park (West Park/Duck Pond )
Charmander – Oak Knoll Park
Charmander – Veterans park (Not 100% Confirmed)
Charmander – Ralph B. Clark park. Rosecrans & Beach (Not 100% Confirmed)
Clefairy – Almansor Park Alhambra
Dratini/Dragonair – Long Beach Aquarium (1/hrs … showing up more)
Dratini/Dragonair – Santa Monica Pier (1-2/hrs)
Dratini – Catalina Island
Diglet – Grijalva Park Orange (Not 100% Confirmed)
Drowsee – Vincent Lugo Park (Not 100% Confirmed)
Eevee – Boisseranc Park
Eevee – Barnsdall Park East hollywood
Electabuzz – Aviation Park
Exeggcute – Pepper tree park in Tustin (Not 100% Confirmed)
Exeggcute – Santa Ana Zoo
Exeggcute – Lincoln Park Recreation Center LA
Gastly – Jurupa Valley High School,Big Leauge Dreams Ball Park
Gastly – Queen Mary Long Beach
Horsea – Balboa Park San Diego
Jigglypuff – Huntington Beach Central Park
Kabuto & Omnyte – Santa Monica Pier
Kabuto & Omnyte – Laguna Beach off Broadway
Kabuto – Huntington Beach Pier

Pokemon nest locations magikarpMagikarp – Esplanade Singapore

Magikarp – Pier 39 San Francisco
Machops – Downtown Fullerton
Magmar – Bixby Park Long Beach
Magnemites – Memorial Park Pasadena
Magnemites – Queen Mary Long Beach
Magnemites – Long beach Courthouse
Nidoran – Kraemer Park Placentia

Pokemon nest locations pikachu
Pikachu – Historical Main Street – Garden Grove
Pikachu – Irvine Valley College (Not 100% Confirmed)
Pikachu – Pepper Tree Park & Honda Ya Parking Lot Tustin
Psyduck – San Joaquin Golf Course (Not 100% Confirmed)
Psyduck – Long Beach Aquarium
Scyther – Belvedere Park East LA
Scyther – Pacific Palms Resort (Not 100% Confirmed)
Scyther – Moreno Valley Golf Course (Not 100% Confirmed)
Scyther – Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge
Scyther – Polliwog ParkSeel – Shatto Recreation Center (Not 100% Confirmed)
Shellder- Clara Park Cudahy
Staryou – South Gate Park (Not 100% Confirmed)
Staryou – El Salvador Park Santa Ana (Not 100% Confirmed)
Squirtle – La Puente park next to the church (Not 100% Confirmed)
Squirtle – Quiet canyon in Montebello (Not 100% Confirmed)
Squirtle – Fullerton Arboretum
Squirtle – Civic Center Park Palm Desert (Not 100% Confirmed)
Squirtle – Montebello Country Club (need to be a member)
Squirtle – Point Fermin Park in San Pedro
Squirtle – Fullerton Greenbelt
Squirtle – Veterans park (Not 100% Confirmed)
Magnemite – Peppertree Park in Tustin
Magmar – Santiago Park Orange (Not 100% Confirmed)
Pikachu – Pepper Tree park in Tustin (Not 100% Confirmed)
Voltorb – Craig Reginal Park Brea
Voltorb – Hillcrest Park Fullerton
Voltorb – Queen Mary Long Beach

If these Pokemon nest locations don’t work out for you, you can always try a safe alternative to third-party services. Check out Poke Radar for a crowdsourced and safe way to find the Pokemon nest locations you are after. Have any Pokemon nest locations you want to share? Think we missed any nests? Let us know in the comment box below!