Being able to hold gyms longer isn’t always easy. Many times your hard work and effort can simply lead to another player sniping your gym or taking back the gym right away. It’s not enough to know what Pokemon attacks do the most DPS, but rather knowing the best Pokemon gym defenders that will get you the Pokecoins you want.

Being able to assign the best Pokemon gym defenders, gives you more Pokecoins and Stardust. Now thanks to the efforts of the Pokemon Go Reddit community and The Silph Road we’ve compiled the master chart of gym defenders.

Pokemon Go Gym Pro Tips

Made up between the infographics made by /u/QMike and /u/Professor_Kukui, these are the best Pokemon gym defenders in the game and their attack sets ranked.

Best Pokemon Gym Defenders

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25 Best Pokemon Go Gym Defenders

When it comes to combat in Pokemon Go, the art of gym takeover and defense is crucial to success. In order for you to claim your victory and collect your Pokecoins, you want to be able to hold onto the gym for as long as possible. Now thanks to contributions from the Pokemon Go Reddit community, we have the 25 best Pokemon gym defenders in the game.

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Aug 19, 2016

Starting off our Best Pokemon Go Gym Defenders list, Golduck is a fairly powerful combatant. This of course depends on your special move set. Here's the breakdown for Golduck when he's assigned to defend a Pokemon Go gym.

Water Gun / Hydro Pump - 46.1 %
Confusion / Ice Beam - 47.3%
Confusion / Hydro Pump - 50.8%

As you'll notice throughout this Best Pokemon Go Gym Defenders guide is that Confusion is an excellent move set for gym defense.

Use this ranking of best Pokemon gym defenders to hold onto gyms longer and collect more Pokecoins. What’s more the attack sets will show you which attacks are most useful for specific Pokemon defenders.

For reference you can see the original infographic based on /u/QMike‘s data below. The other infographic from /u/Professor_Kukui seems just as good. Although there are two versions and people aren’t quite agreeing on which one is more accurate, there’s data to back up both arguments.

best Pokemon gym defenders

The differences between the two charts are based on the attacking Pokemon not dodging attacks. When you are picking the best possible choice for gym defender, you’ll need to pay attention to the attack sets in question.

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