Ever since Niantic started lowering the ban hammer trainers have been reluctant to use third-party apps, especially sites like Pokevision. For players who don’t have access to the new in-game tracker, it’s become increasingly difficult to find or locate Pokemon. That could all change as The Silph Road has begun the Global Nest Atlas Initiative.

One of the best sources of Pokemon Go information online, they may have the best way to find Pokemon. The Silph Road also has other very useful tools such as their IV rater, but the Global Nest Atlas could trump them all.

Global Nest Atlas 1

What is the Global Nest Atlas Initiative?

This is a grassroots movement from the Pokemon Go community to map out Pokemon nest locations. By submitting any Pokemon sighting, The Silph Road is looking to fully catalog Pokemon spawn points across the globe. The Global Silph Pokedex will show each species, and where they are most likely to spawn.

It’s still in development, but once released the Global Nest Atlas will show you all of the Pokemon nests in your area. You can use the Global Nest Atlas to find or locate the rare Pokemon you’ve always been after.

What is The Silph Road?

One of the biggest and most knowledgeable group of Pokemon Go enthusiasts, The Silph Road consists of several online tools and information. Their website has a ton of traffic a day, and it’s used from Pokemon information down to IV research.

They also have a web application in development that will enable local coordination. Meaning trainers will be able to collaborate and share information real time. Niantic should be taking notes. Check out their useful tools like the Global Pokedex and Global Nest Atlas.

What makes the Global Nest Atlas different?

There are already many crowdsourcing efforts out there to try and map out Pokemon nests. Other services like Poke Radar use contributions from the Pokemon Go community as well. So what’s the difference between the Global Nest Atlas and these others?

The answer is simple, The Silph Road is one of the most recognized and respected authorities when it comes to Pokemon Go. What’s more they are using a comprehensive real time verification system. This ensures that trainers have the most accurate location of Pokemon in their area.

There’s 2 qualifications under which you can submit an entry into the Global Nest Atlas;

  • multiple uncommon species appear on your ‘nearby’ scanner
  • or a rare mon frequently spawns multiple times there during the day!

What’s more there’s no way that Niantic can know you are using this tool. Unlike other trackers, it doesn’t use Pokemon GO API. It’s simply a crowdsourced database of Pokemon nests, and it has nothing to do with Niantic servers or code. For those scared of getting banned, the Global Nest Atlas is the best solution out there.

With over 250,000 visitors a day, there’s no question that The Silph Road is one of the biggest hubs of Pokemon Go information and data. Check them out here.

What do you think of the new Global Nest Atlas? Will you be using it when it comes out? Let us know in the comment box below!