San Francisco is one of the best places in California to play Pokemon Go. With a dense population and plenty of active players, it’s a dream come true for most rural Pokemon Go trainers. There are many hotspots in the city to play Pokemon, but Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf have got to be one of the most popular. Itching to make the trip but not sure what kind of Pier 39 Pokemon you can catch? Read on to learn which Pokemon are common along this iconic tourist attraction.

Located along Beach Street & The Embarcadero, Pier 39 has a lot to offer even if you aren’t playing Pokemon Go. With the Marina, Aquarium of the Bay, and Alliant International University all within a stone’s throw of each other you can’t go wrong spending an afternoon here.

Spending some time here can land you some of the rarest and more powerful Pokemon in the game. Read below to see the 5 best Pier 39 Pokemon that can be caught along this coastline.

5 Best Pier 39 Pokemon to Catch

Tentacool – Both Water and Poison type, Tentacool is another common Pier 39 Pokemon. With just 50 of these, you can evolve him into Tentracruel who can be an effective gym attacker. To get the most out of your Tentracruel, make sure you understand the fundamentals of Pokemon type and how it affects battle.

Psyduck – This funny looking duck is one of the more common Pier 39 Pokemon to catch. He’s found near the entrance to Pier 39 as well as up and down the Embarcadero. With the right IV planning, you can evolve a powerful Golduck. One of the more efficient gym defenders, you need just 50 Psyduck candies to evolve Golduck.

Staryu – If you’ve noticed a trend among the best Pier 39 Pokemon, it’s not an accident. Yet another Water type Pokemon, you’ll need 50 Staryu candies to evolve into Starmie. Again with the right amount of planning, you can pick the best possible Staryu to build based on IV.


MagiKarp – One of the most sought after Pier 39 Pokemon, Magikarp is very common in this area. With 400 of these candies, you can evolve this hapless fish into a mighty Gyarados. It may take you a few trips to Pier 39 to catch enough candies, but it’s well worth the wait.

DratiniDratini – The best Pier 39 Pokemon of them all, Dratini can be a little harder to catch. You can try your luck by walking along the piers, especially to North Point and Pier 41. Of course when you have enough of these Pokemon, you can turn them in for Dragonair. Make sure to do the right amount of calculation before you then evolve your Dragonair into Dragonite.

These are the best Pier 39 Pokemon you can hope to find in San Francisco. Pier 39 coordinates are 37.808707, -122.409832. It’s an incredible place to come and hunt for Pokemon no matter where you are located in the Bay Area.

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