Combat and battling for gym control is a big part of Pokemon Go gameplay. If you are having trouble holding onto a gym, or need battle tips to elevate your game we’ve got you covered. These are six of the best battle tips in Pokemon Go. Properly used you can game plan against any gym and win.

When you want to win more gym battles, and become the ultimate Pokemon Go master, use these battle tips to win the day. Read below to learn how to take these battle tips and apply them to your Pokemon Go game.

Pokemon Go Battle Tips

Know your Pokemon DPS – Knowing which one of your Pokemon do the most amount of damage is very important. This rating is known as DPS, and after the 0.33.3 update, Niantic made a bunch of changes to DPS. Look up the post update DPS chart here to see which Pokemon do the most amount of damage the fastest.

Understanding your Pokemon attack rating as well as Combat Points is important as well. Picking Pokemon with powerful move sets can also help. Many of the popular gym attackers include Vaporeon, Arcanine, Snorlax and Lapras.

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Pick isolated gyms – There are many Pokemon gyms out there, so don’t feel as though you must have a particular one. Some gyms are constantly fought over, and the chances of you holding onto the gym are slim to none.

If you want to hold onto a gym, one of the biggest battle tips is to take over a gym that’s isolated. This gives you a higher chance of holding the gym for longer periods of time. Instead of wasting your potions on high traffic gyms, head to quieter areas instead.

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Power in numbers – Pokemon Go is meant to be a social game, so attack gyms with your fellow team members. Attacking a gym in numbers gives you the upper hand, as you’ll be able to attack simultaneously with friends.

One of the most crucial battle tips in Pokemon Go, especially when faced against a tough gym. Use teamwork to win in battle and claim victory for your team.

Organize Pokemon – When attacking a gym, arrange the top six Pokemon carefully. If you are taking on a weaker level gym, place your intended Pokemon gym defender towards the rear.

You don’t want to waste time healing the Pokemon you want to assign to defend the gym. It could lead to some other trainer claiming the gym for themselves, or someone sniping your gym.

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If you are attacking a high level gym, this is one of the most important battle tips. You need to put your weaker Pokemon up front, as you don’t want to burn out your more powerful Pokemon too early. Arrange your top six to put the lower CP Pokemon on the front lines. Save your higher CP Pokemon to close out the victory.

Choose Pokemon Type – When heading into battle, scout the enemy gym to see what Pokemon types will be most effective. Understanding how Pokemon type affects the amount of damage you do is the most important of battle tips.

Picking the best Pokemon type for battle can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Choosing the wrong Pokemon can lead to your attacks doing little to no damage, which isn’t going to win you many battles.

Assign your best defender – Once the battle has been won, assign the best gym defender in your collection. Picking a Pokemon with the highest Stamina and Defense is one of the better battle tips when defending a gym. This way they can last longer against attacking Pokemon, increasing the chance of you defending the gym.

The best Pokemon gym defenders include Lapras, Dragonite, Snorlax and Exeggutor. Once you assign your Pokemon to defend the gym, level it gym prestige by training against it.

Use these battle tips to get ahead and win more gym battles. You are well on your way to becoming a true Pokemon Go master. Have any questions about these battle tips? Let us know in the comment box below!