Ever wonder how much experience you get when playing Pokemon Go? Using the lucky egg trick and not sure how much XP you will get? This Pokemon Go XP chart will show you what experience awaits for each specific achievement. Using this chart you’ll know just how much experience any one activity gives you.

Use this chart below to figure out what experience you are due. From catching Pokemon to evolving them, this chart gives you the information you need to play Pokemon Go. If you are just starting out as a Pokemon trainer, don’t forget our comprehensive beginners guide.

Pokemon Go Beginners Guide

Pokemon Go XP Chart

Activity XP Gained
Catch a Pokémon with a curveball 10
Catching a Pokémon with a nice throw 10
Catching a Pokémon with a great throw 50
Spinning a PokeStop 50
Catching a Pokémon with an excellent throw 100
Catch any Pokémon 100
Win a Gym Battle Against 1 Pokémon 150
Win a Gym Battle Against 2 Pokémon 250
Win a Gym Battle Against 3 Pokémon 350
Win a Gym Battle Against 4 Pokémon (etc.) 450
Hatch a new Pokémon 200
Evolve a Pokémon 500
Catch a new Pokémon 600
Evolve a New Pokémon 1000

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Think we missed anything on our Pokemon Go XP chart? Let us know in the comment box below. We’ll be more than happy to update our chart for you.

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