Niantic has made adjustments to Pokemon moves, changing move sets drastically. These Pokemon move changes have affected many popular Pokemon, most notably Gyarados. According to The Silph Road subreddit, users have charted out the changes to the game file, listing all the recent Pokemon move changes.

According to the Pokemon Go Reddit community, these Pokemon move changes took place sometime today. It’s a clear sign that Niantic is continuing to make tweaks to game play balance and move sets. For people who still don’t have Gyarados however, it’s a definite loss. Losing Dragon Breath means that Gyarados has been nerfed to some degree.

If you already have a Gyarados pre-update, count yourself fortunate. Some of the other notable changes include Chansey getting Hyper Beam to replace Psybeam. To take a look at all the recent Pokemon move changes, take a look at our chart below. All credit goes to the Pokemon Go Reddit community and user /u/lolnoob1459.

Pokemon Old Move New Move
Jigglypuff Play Rough Dazzling Gleam
Diglett Mud Shot Mud Slap
Dugtrio Mud Shot Mud Slap
Graveler Mud Shot Mud Slap
Golem Mud Shot Mud Slap
Seel Water Gun Lick
Grimer Acid Poison Jab
Muk Acid Lick
Gengar Sludge Wave Sludge Bomb
Hitmonlee Stomp Brick Break
Koffing Acid Removed
Weezing Acid Removed
Chansey Psybeam Hyper Beam
Staryu Quick Attack Tackle
Starmie Quick Attack Tackle
Starmie Psybeam Psychic
Gyarados Dragon Breath Removed
Porygon Quick Attack Zen Headbutt
Omastar Rock Throw Mud Shot
Mew Hurricane Blizzard
Mew Moonblast Removed

Have any questions about the recent Pokemon move changes? What do you think about Gyarados being nerfed? Do you have a Gyarados? If so post it in our comment box below and share your move set!

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