There’s been several updates to Pokemon Go within the last few days. From permanent bans to changes in move sets, Niantic has been busy. One of the most important changes to the game is the changes to egg hatch speed. Where as most players needed to stay under 10km an hour for proper refresh rate before, it looks as though the egg hatch speed increase has made biking an option once more.

For players who enjoy riding a bike or skateboard to hatch eggs, this is a welcome change. The distance tracker now seems to work at speeds well above 10km now after the recent update. We’ve confirmed that the Pokemon Go tracker refresh rate now seems to be back at the 4-5 second range.

What does the egg hatch speed increase mean for me?

This makes the chore of cracking those 10km eggs far easier. The increase in egg hatch speed also gives players a better way to cover more ground faster. It also means that any grinding loops you have planned can be expanded. You can also use larger routes to take advantage of the double xp Pokestop trick.


The news has been all over the Internet today, and has been confirmed by Pokemon Go News.

So far the new egg hatch speed has been confirmed up to 20mph. This has been confirmed by /u/Gabbe95 through the /r/pokemongo sub reddit. Tested in a moving car, he claimed that the game stopped registering at the normal refresh rate above 20mph. While we haven’t confirmed this speed ourselves, we have gotten positive results above 12mph on a bike.


This is great news for anyone who enjoys biking to hatch Pokemon Go eggs or to grind Pokestops. The faster refresh speed allows you to catch Pokemon and log distances, hatching your eggs quickly. Want some other tips on how to hatch Pokemon go eggs? Check out our guide here.

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