According to news updates, the new Pokemon Go nearby tracker is projected for release in an update today. This new in game tracker allows trainers to find Pokemon in relation to Pokestops, and has been in beta testing for a few weeks. Should the Pokemon Go nearby go live today, it would be welcome news for trainers who live in rural areas.

Niantic has been busy lowering the ban hammer and stopping third party developers cold. These waves of permanent bans have a lot of trainers spooked and scared to use the many Pokemon trackers online. The paranoia is so bad, even crowd sourced and offline Pokemon nest maps are being unfairly judged. This could all change with a new update and the Pokemon Go nearby tracker going live.

new Pokemon Go tracker 1

What is the Pokemon Go nearby tracking system?

Anyone who has played Pokemon Go as a beginner knows that the original three-step tracking system was broken almost from day one. The Pokemon Go developer removed the three step tracker, resulting in a ton of backlash. Since then they’ve released a new update, with the Pokemon Go nearby tracker and a new sightings system.

Unfortunately most trainers have some variation of the sightings tracker. Grass behind the Pokemon in your area show you who is around, but no real way to track them down. This could all change sometime today as the Pokemon Go nearby may be released.

Niantic has already rolled out changes to the Pokemon move set ( and nerfing Gyarados ) as well as implementing more security into their API to stop botters and GPS spoofers. Niantic CEO John Hanke has gone on record stating that the developer will roll out updates every two weeks.

The new Pokemon Go nearby has been in beta test for a few weeks now, mainly in San Francisco. According to the Pokemon Go Reddit community, it’s been proven that the code for this new Pokemon Go nearby already exists in the code. So we imagine it’s just a matter of time before activates it globally.

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