Along with the latest Pokemon Go update, it appears as though Niantic has also made a Pokemon GO Nest change. These changes have increased the spawn rate as well as the type of Pokemon you can catch. Pokemon trainers have been mapping these changes to the Pokemon spawn nests, and we’ve got the complete chart below.

The huge Pokemon GO Nest change has really shaken things up, especially for trainers who have favorite places to hunt. Niantic has confirmed that changes to Pokemon spawn locations will happen on a monthly basis. This makes each Pokemon nest shift a big deal for local trainers, no matter where you live.

According to users on /r/TheSilphRoad, many of the old Pokemon nests have become double spawn locations. This gives twice as many Pokemon, and the Pokemon GO Nest change will give a new flavor to many of your favorite spots. One of the more interesting of Pokemon GO Nest changes includes old Shellder nests becoming double Gastly / Onix spawn locations.

What’s more it appears that soft spawns have also changed dramatically. Soft spawns are randomized so chances are you are catching different Pokemon in your area as of today. It appears that the Pokemon GO Nest change has introduced many new Pokemon in different areas.

Want to know what Pokemon GO Nest change you are looking for? Check out our chart of Pokemon nest changes below!

Pokemon GO Nest Change Chart

No Old Pokemon Nest New Pokemon Nest
1 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur/Charmander
4 Charmander Charmander
7 Squirtle Squirtle
23 Ekans Pikachu
25 Pikachu Sandshrew
27 Sandshrew ???
29 Nidoran♀ Nidoran♂
32 Nidoran♂ ???
35 Clefairy Vulpix
37 Vulpix Jigglypuff
39 Jigglypuff Vulpix?
43 Oddish Paras
46 Paras ???
48 Venonat Diglett
50 Diglett Meowth
52 Meowth Psyduck
54 Psyduck Staryu
56 Mankey Growlithe
58 Growlithe Poliwag
60 Poliwag Abra
63 Abra Machop
66 Machop Bellsprout
69 Bellsprout Tentacool
72 Tentacool Geodude
74 Geodude Ponyta
77 Ponyta Slowpoke/Magnemite
79 Slowpoke Magnemite
81 Magnemite Seel/Doduo
84 Doduo Seel
86 Seel Shellder/Gastly
88 Grimer ???
90 Shellder Gastly/Onix
92 Gastly Drowzee/Onix
95 Onix Drowzee/Krabby
96 Drowzee Krabby/Voltorb
98 Krabby Exeggcute/Voltorb
100 Voltorb Cubone/Exeggcute
102 Exeggcute Cubone/Rhyhorn
104 Cubone Rhyhorn/Horsea
106 Hitmonlee ???
107 Hitmonchan ???
108 Lickitung ???
109 Koffing ???
111 Rhyhorn Horsea/Goldeen
114 Tangela Cubone?
116 Horsea Staryu
118 Goldeen Scyther
120 Staryu Jynx
123 Scyther Electabuzz/Jynx
124 Jynx Magmar/Electabuzz
125 Electabuzz Magmar/Pinsir
126 Magmar Magikarp
127 Pinsir Eevee
129 Magikarp Omanyte
133 Eevee Kabuto
138 Omanyte N/A
140 Kabuto N/A
147 Dratini ???

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