It seems that Pokemon Appraisal wasn’t the only thing we got in the last Niantic update. Although Niantic has taken huge strides by shutting down bot developers and bot programs, they’ve still got a lot of work ahead. By most accounts, while there’s been significant improvement, there’s still a ton of bot programs out there. And now there’s new evidence that Niantic will be implementing a Pokemon Go CAPTCHA to stop cheaters cold in their tracks.

This is great news for anyone who is playing honestly and working hard to stay within the rules. To be honest, Niantic has been struggling to keep up the huge influx of third-party bot programs and GPS spoofs. Most of the problem lies with overseas developers, who care little about US laws or regulations.

Inside the Pokemon Go Captcha system

Once implemented there’s not many ways around the new Pokemon Go CAPTCHA check. What’s more third-party trackers and Pokemon locators will also stop working as well. This means that crowdsourced maps like the Global Nest Atlas will soon be your only shot at finding rare Pokemon.

For people wanting to check Pokemon IV, they’ll need to stick to offline calculator spreadsheets. The code for the Pokemon Go CAPTCHA was recently uncovered as part of the latest update rolled out by Niantic. Niantic hasn’t “flipped the switch” yet on the Pokemon Go CAPTCHA security feature, but there’s good evidence to support that it’s just a matter of time.

And third-party developers are taking notice. FastPokeMap, one of the biggest Pokemon locating website out there recently tweeted that their site may be shutting down soon due to the Pokemon Go CAPTCHA measures.

It remains to be seen just how Niantic will implement this Pokemon Go CAPTCHA system. For instance if they use it just to spin Pokestops, mapping programs and locators may still work. However if they use it randomly for any API call, it could stop third party applications all together.

Overall it’s another way that Niantic is improving gameplay and restoring balance to the game. What’s more the Pokemon Go CAPTCHA security system will also stop people from being unfairly banned, as a Pokemon Go trainer aiming for a million XP a day recently found.

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