Niantic went overboard by punishing a Pokemon Go trainer who just accumulated too much experience. Jimmy Derocher is a hardcore MMO gamer who was recently hit with an unfair Pokemon Go ban, after trying to top a million experience in a single day. In their quest to stop cheaters, Niantic took things a bit too far by thinking only cheaters can get massive XP in a short amount of time.

Derocher utilized the very effective Pokestop trick, planning out a route to get as much experience as possible. This loop is located in Austin, Texas and it places 10 Pokestops within a 0.2 mile loop. This route is affectionately coined as “Jimmy’s Loop” and it’s very popular among Pokemon Go trainers.

unfair Pokemon Go ban

His original goal was a million experience over a weekend, which was ratcheted up to a goal of a million XP a day. Why? According to Derocher, it was due to the overwhelmingly negative responses he received online. Most online responses said that it was impossible, and that he had to be cheating in order to achieve such a ridiculous level of experience.

In response, he set out to prove a point, both to the haters online and to Niantic for their overly aggressive cheating filter. And to this end, Derocher succeeded because it wasn’t long before he was slapped with an unfair Pokemon Go ban.

unfair Pokemon Go ban

Niantic has been busy lowering the ban hammer on cheaters, however there’s an unexpected side effect. There have been many trainers being banned unfairly, and it’s a point that Derocher illustrated perfectly.

To record the epic achievement, Derocher streamed his trek online. Placing lures at all 10 of the Pokestops, everything seemed to go well at first. That is until the 13th hour, when one of Niantic’s generic cheat filters seemed to flag him, resulting in the unfair Pokemon Go ban.

At this point every single Pokemon fled, no matter what kind of ball Derocher threw. This is otherwise known as the catch flee ban. Although it’s not hard to fix the catch flee ban, it’s a clear sign that the measures Niantic has in place to catch cheaters is far too broad.

In the end it’s a sign that Niantic must improve their screening processes to catch cheaters. Although they’ve taken huge steps in shutting down popular bot programs and closing the doors on bot developers, lots of work still remains.

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