Turns out the latest Pokemon Go update had more in store for trainers than just the ability to appraise Pokemon. In addition to the IV rating system, the code for the latest update has also uncovered a variety of different gameplay features. However, the most interesting discovery has to do with the fact that Pokemon Go trading seems to be in the game code.

According to the Pokemon Go Reddit community, it’s been confirmed that the code for Pokemon Go trading exists in the latest version of the game. This has been the one aspect of gameplay that most trainers have begged for, and it appears that it’s almost ready for launch.

What we know about Pokemon Go Trading

The ability for trainers to partake in Pokemon Go trading has long been a staple in Pokemon trading cards. There are several existing fields that seem to reference to Pokemon Go trading. Here’s a look at what fields we know of so far that exist in the latest version of the game.

Trade_Search – This value is in the latest update, and it seems to refer to the ability to search for available trades. This could be done through servers, or when trainers offer up Pokemon that they would like to trade away. It’s not known if the trading system will take place online, or if it’s limited to region or area.

Trade_Offer – We are guessing that this field allows trainers to offer a Pokemon or even an item in return. According to the hard working community of developers at the Pokemon Go Reddit, it has been confirmed that trading items is possible as well.

Trade_Response – This field exists in the latest version of Pokemon Go, and it hints at the ability to turn down the offer or accept it. Pokemon Go trading could be built on an first offer based system, allowing trainers to barter for the Pokemon they want.

Trade_Result – Once trainers have agreed during the negotiation stage, the trade can be completed. Not only does the code for Pokemon Go trading seem promising for the ability to trade, but it’s increased interaction between trainers as well.

It’s not known when Niantic will activate Pokemon Go trading but it’s encouraging that the code exists in the game already. Not only that but if it’s implemented correctly, it could work much like other large scale MMO trade houses do.

We’ve speculated on dates for Pokemon Go trainer battles, and of course the Generation 2 Pokemon but there’s no evidence of code for either so far. What we do know is that Pokemon Go trading is coming soon, and we can’t wait!

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