Pokemon buddy

The latest Pokemon Go update has proven to include many more features than originally thought. People are continuing to take apart the code, and discovering new and hidden features of the game. From being able to trade Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, to new anti-cheat measures, Niantic seems to be rounding out the game nicely.  Today’s recent discovery is the Pokemon buddy system, which sounds very interesting indeed.

Much like past Pokemon games of old, the Pokemon buddy system could assign a Pokemon as your personal pet. In fact this is one aspect of gameplay that many trainers feel Pokemon Go lacks. Gameplay in the past was built around connecting to a personal Pokemon, and building it up to the point where they were battle ready.

Needless to say, this aspect of game play is sorely lacking in Pokemon Go. In fact, when you first start playing Pokemon Go, you’re assigned a starter which is then promptly turned in for candy. According to the latest discoveries in Pokemon Go code, the Pokemon buddy system is for real although not much else is known other than buddy specific fields within the code. Let’s take a look at what we do know.

Pokemon Buddy Possibilities

From the fields that have been found in Pokemon Go code, your Pokemon buddy can be assigned or recalled. We are guessing that your buddy Pokemon will follow you around, and perhaps even be included in your avatar.

According to reports from developers who have seen the code, your Pokemon buddy cannot be turned in to the Professor, nor can you assign them to a gym. There’s also some sort of distance value assigned to your Pokemon buddy, could you maybe walk them to evolve them?

Walking your Pokemon buddy

Everyone’s no doubt seen this unofficial image, showing conceptual ideas for walking your Pokemon. While this isn’t an official image from Niantic, there’s some pretty cool ideas in this image, including a leash and rewards for walking your buddy.

pokemon buddy 1

This seems especially important, as the next generation of Eevee evolutions has already been announced. The idea that your chosen buddy will grow stronger and closer to you through interaction is awesome.

There’s also a new candy that’s specifically made for your Pokemon buddy. Who knows what that will do, but the concept sounds interesting indeed. Other fields that have been found include a Pokemon buddy size value, as well as level.

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