Pokemon Go centers will give users a way to convert their Pokestops into the familiar healing destination from the cartoon anime. And although the release date is not yet known Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke has confirmed this addition. Once Pokemon Go centers are added to the game, you’ll be able to customize Pokestops to expand gameplay.

Hanke has teased the features that will be included in the new Pokemon Go centers. He’s also hinted that like Lures, trainers will use items to transform Pokestops into these healing centers. Although we have confirmed that you’ll be able to heal your Pokemon at these Pokemon Go centers, there’s a large part of gameplay that has yet to be announced.

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Pokemon Go centers – Gameplay features we’d like to see

Pokemon Go centers

Trading – We’ve already confirmed the existence of code for trading Pokemon in the game, and it could happen at Pokemon Go centers. It has yet to be seen when the ability to trade Pokemon will be switched on, but the code is in the latest update currently. This has not yet been confirmed, and it’s merely speculation at this point but it would make sense from a gameplay aspect.

Pets – The biggest difference in Pokemon Go and past games it the personal connection to your starter Pokemon. Most of the original Pokemon games included a personal pet or starter Pokemon, that you would train up for battle. This aspect is largely missing from Pokemon Go. In fact your starter Pokemon is nothing more than an afterthought as soon as you start a new game.

Could the new Pokemon Go centers include items or a way to convert your current Pokemon and assign one as a pet? In the code, this new part of Pokemon Go is called the Pokemon Buddy and we can’t wait for it to be released.

Breeding – Another part of past Pokemon games that has been largely ignored by Niantic, breeding Pokemon is another possibility. By visiting Pokemon Go centers, you could possibly be able to breed your favorite Pokemon.

However Niantic has not confirmed that they are working on breeding, and further hasn’t hinted at this gameplay being added anytime soon. All that being said however, Pokemon Go centers would be great places where two of your Pokemon can get it on.


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