Pokemon Go is one of the biggest smartphone battery killers possibly ever. Using a 4G WiFi connection and GPS locating, the most popular mobile game of all time can drain a battery fast. Just how fast the app uses up battery power has been well documented, but data usage has yet to be explored; until now.

Business Insider tech expert Antonio Villas-Boas took Pokemon Go to the test, with this single question in mind; Just how much data does Pokemon Go use? Using a smartphone playing Pokemon Go, Villas-Boas played the app throughout a eight-hour period. Although most of this time was spent at his desk, he took regular breaks to walk around and catch Pokemon.

data usage

This test is especially important, especially for parents who want to get their children a cheap way to play Pokemon Go. Smartphones are more affordable than ever, and limited data usage plans can be found cheap.

After this eight-hour period, he found that the data usage for Pokemon Go peaked at 25 megabytes. Compared to other mobile apps like Snapchat, this number pales in comparison. How much data does Pokemon Go use? The data usage average works out to about 2.9 megabytes per hour played.

Business Insider blogger Villas-Boas had this to say about the data usage test for Pokemon Go.

“Pokemon GO’s low data usage is a great thing considering the game is meant to be played outside where you’re less likely to connect to a WiFi connection.“

He went on to state that if you are actively playing Pokemon Go by visiting Pokestops and exploring, you could expect total data usage to rise roughly 5 megabytes. This still brings the hourly average to a respectable 3.1-3.3 megabytes per hour, which isn’t bad at all.

Villas-Boas theorized that the low data usage numbers were due to Pokemon Go relying on GPS positioning rather than relying on downloading content on the fly. The tradeoff between lower data usage is that your battery is drained much faster, as use of your GPS antenna is horrible for battery life.

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