Niantic has been leveling Pokemon Go bans for trainers that they deem to have violated their Terms of Service. There are many different types of bans, however it’s not fully known just what the criteria is for being banned. One of the new theories out there is the Pokemon Go gym ban, or players being banned for having powerful Pokemon defenders.

There’s rumors of legit players who don’t cheat or use any GPS spoofing software being banned for no other reason than having better Pokemon. Rival players have been reporting them to Niantic out of spite or jealousy, and if true could be one of the big reasons why Pokemon Go is losing players fast.

Pokemon Go gym ban 1

These rumors have got players scared to put their Pokemon in gyms, reducing what little gameplay experience we have currently. Understanding the Pokemon Go gym ban could be easier if Niantic was a little more clearer on what constitutes a ban to begin with. The fact is we don’t know what they look for, and with so many reports of legit players being banned there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

One of the most commonly known criteria for a Pokemon Go ban is the average experience gained an hour. This was tested by a player in Texas named Jimmy Deroche, who was the trainer that attempted a million experience in a day. He didn’t get far before being slapped down with the catch flee ban.

In other words this Pokemon Go cheat algorithm simply decides that you’re leveling up too fast, and bans you automatically. Others have confirmed a soft ban for using hacks like the lucky egg trick to gain experience quickly, so use these tricks at your own risk.

In truth, Niantic won’t be releasing their criteria in a vain attempt to stay ahead of the cheaters. Before they implement their anti-cheat CAPTCHA system in fact, there’s little chance that they will share any details.

What do you think about the Pokemon Go gym ban? Do you think it’s a real thing or just a lie by cheaters and botters? Know anyone that’s been banned for putting a Pokemon in a gym, despite being a legit player? Let us know in the comment box below! Subscribe to Pokemon Go Den by following us on Facebook to get all the latest in Pokemon Go news and tips.